Private Traveler Flawless Execution

2 thoughts on “Private Traveler Flawless Execution”

  1. You’re not free from the government as long as you live within its borders. I know you have a certain lets say ‘eccentric’ interpretation of the law but that’s not how most legal professionals interpret the law so your personal interpretation becomes irrelevant. If that weren’t the case you’d be able to drive anywhere without a license without repercussions but it’s not. The guy in this video got lucky that the cop let it slide but most wont. Most people literally laugh at the people in videos like this one:
    There’s hundreds more examples of people who have similar interpretations of the law who wind up paying the price. It’s up to you how you want to live your life but it’s a battle you’re simply not going to win. If you want to live in a country and enjoy all its benefits like roads, streetlights, food standards, protection from crime, fires and whatever else you have to live by it’s rules or face sanctions. That’s the simple reality no matter how much that may upset you.

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