Them that force upon others their laws against the wills of the peoples are making slaves of the unwilling.

Nobody has the authority to enslave anyone to “laws”. Those who make “laws” “for the better good” endorse radicalism and fanaticism.

No one group has a right to afford any other group authority over a third unwilling party.

Governments are a cancer. The common good of each individual is that not be forced or compelled under laws or subjected to the authority of another.

America endorses an enslavement to laws and customs in fanatical fashion espousing radical actions.

Nobody has the right to afford authority to any party to govern another separate third party lest they espouse enslavement.

Americans lie when they lay claims that their government is lawful.

No one person has the right to afford any the power to create laws and to burden others… If you endorse those beliefs that these acts are right then you endorse the rights of ISIL or HAMAS to also impose. You either have to embrace all fanatical/radical laws or condemn them all. If you choose to pick and choose who is right or wrong to impose such laws then you embrace tyranny yourself!

The US is no less criminal than any of the others. Nobody ever has been allowed to say they do not want the US government as they seized control without consent of the people enslaving the unwilling.

All politicians and lawmakers are criminals. I believe that one day the people will free themselves and remove their corrupt rulers from existence.