If some organized crime unit steals your car and then tries to sell it back to you or put a lien on it saying that it was “abandoned” or some crap, turn it right back around on them and “lien up” your own stuff first.

I am sure that you have made investments into the car of which you have paramount interest in. Make it legit! If you hold a lien on your own stuff, they have to settle that BEFORE they try and sell it. Always leave a bad taste in their mouth, like taking another bite will make them sick.Here, I will even give you the paperwork –

Also, if some criminal partnerships are evident (like a tow company, police department, lien company) and they are all working together to steal and extort your private property that is likely taxable events that they are not reporting because they are criminal and fraudulent in nature. Would you ever report your earnings from theft as “taxable income”? I wouldn’t either, that’s why you get them to all fill out W-9 forms and if they are reluctant to do that make sure that you show them the 3949A form that you are going to use to report their criminal activities. Then follow through with it! Don’t bluff them. If your car has been stolen you have nothing to lose anyway so give them hell! Don’t be afraid! Do it now! Even if it happened a while back! Don’t let it slide!

Learn more about taxable events here – http://freedomfromgovernment.org/courtroom-ace-in-the-hole-taxable-events/