What is YOUR Freedom Worth?

As a man who wants to help you find the FREE-DOMinion you so desire, I must warn you, it takes study and there are not quick easy answers. Then in the final outcome, you must determine your own way and face the consequence of that decision. We face a system of the righteous and the unrighteous (alleged officials) and as Forrest Gump says, life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you are might get. Are you up for the challenge to be free? Only you can answer that.

My books and work are about empowering you by showing you who you really are, and most importantly, who you are NOT. Let me just ask a simple question. Who on this entire planet, has the right to tell you that you can or cannot do anything that you choose to do as a human being as long as you are doing no harm to others? I will tell you the answer, which is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!

I feel like I was and am in touch with something greater than myself, but something that I am none-the-less very much a part of. My books are the result of a lifetime of research and plain old searching for answers. I now want to share them with you. Once you read my books with an open mind (much like one would approach the bible) you can gain a different understanding and perspective of everything in your life!

Trent has spent over 25 years real practical experience dealing with public officials, judges, attorneys, court, police and law enforcement. After trying virtually everything and finding out what works and what doesn’t (often the hard way), he now brings this tried, tested, and historically verified methodology to everyone. There is no reason for the fraud that they are perpetrating to continue, except for those whom allow it.

There is a better way, let us start today!

This book contains information of such a sensitive nature, it is the truth about government that you simply cannot find in ANY other BOOK.