The Name Game

The Supreme Court held in Grannis v. Ordean (1914) 234 US 385 at 395, that “even in names, due process of law does not require ideal accuracy. In the spelling and pronunciation of proper names there are no generally accepted standards, and the well-established doctrine of idem sonans…is recognition of this.” In that case, a… Continue reading The Name Game

Owned and Operated By:

When they try to call you an “operator”… I am sure that we have all heard the phrase: “Owned and OPERATED by…” which clearly would be in reference to a commercial venture. The foregoing court citation clearly shows that the “operator’s license” permits engagement in commercial activity. “Section 1. (b) The word “operator” shall include… Continue reading Owned and Operated By:

Section 1983 Outline

Coming to you from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Office of Staff Attorneys; it is none other than the Section 1983 Outline. Very interesting reading especially in these days where most of the “good stuff” is either scrubbed or not searchable. Share freely! Here is the link to download.

152 Tax Facts

Businessman removes wooden blocks with the word Tax. The concept of reducing the tax burden. Tax avoidance. Costs and expenses of the business. Taxation. Pay off debt. Freedom from illegal taxes

Only the rare taxpayer would be likely to know that he could refuse to produce his records to Internal Revenue Service agents. U.S. v. Dickerson, 413 F2d 1111 A person cannot be forced to submit records for inspection. U.S.A. & Fred J. Rosauer v. Johanna; Van Poperin, U.S. District Court of Minn., 4th Div. 4-71… Continue reading 152 Tax Facts

Color of Law

“Colorable” means “That which is in appearance only, and not in reality, what it purports to be, hence counterfeit feigned, having the appearance of truth.” Windle v. Flinn, 196 Or. 654, 251 P.2d 136, 146.

Resisting Arrest?

There is no such crime as “resisting arrest” when the supposed arrest is unlawful. This is a fictitious crime dreamed up by law enforcement to accuse a citizen of a crime when they refuse to surrender to the illegal demands of the police. U.S. courts have ruled on numerous occasions that resisting a false arrest… Continue reading Resisting Arrest?

UNITED STATES rules and regulations only apply to “PERSONS”!

“The Official State Office Known As “PERSON” This is the single most important lesson that you MUST learn. If you spend an hour to learn this material you will be rewarded for the rest of your life. The word “person” in legal terminology is perceived as a general word which normally includes in its scope… Continue reading UNITED STATES rules and regulations only apply to “PERSONS”!

“We The People” have 11th Amendment Immunity!

Most people are unaware that “We the people” have 11th Amendment immunity! 11th Amendment Immunity1.) The 11th Amendment under the US Constitution reads as follows: “The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by… Continue reading “We The People” have 11th Amendment Immunity!

Private Administrative Process

The current commercial process in the world today is a game, is created entirely in the realm of FICTION, operating as private law and private contract between legal fictions, i.e., Countries (Nations,) Corporations, and straw men (Individuals/Sole Proprietors.) Today’s operational jurisdiction is private law, called “public policy,” not public law as existed in the Republic.… Continue reading Private Administrative Process