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From War Bonds to Prison Bonds

When you go in the courts they always say they are operating under a statute jurisdiction. The Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition says a statute is a bond or obligation of record. That’s what all the criminal statutes are……..bonds or obligation of record.

War bond from 1944.

The way the bond works is that a monetary value is placed on the alleged crime and then factored the way banks factor their money. In other words if a person is convicted of a felony the ‘value’ would be $4 million. The county/city/ state then multiplies it by ten, so the bond that goes out for sale with the prisoner’s name and social security number is a short-term ‘promissory’ note. It’s offered at $40 million. Perhaps an investor will offer 40% of the $40 million, or $16 million.

Once this ‘promissory note’ of the face value of $40 million reaches the banks it is then multiplied again by 200 to 300% and sold as bank securities. For those of you who wonder why the US has more people in prison per capita than any other nation on earth, you’ll begin to understand how we can have a weakening economy and still fund wars overseas. It’s all based on prisoners….in other words, prison for profit.

Knowing all this and knowing that a prisoner can have a ‘net worth’ of say, $10,000 per day in the money markets, helped me explain to many bewildered women why they were in jail. We were only merchandise in a warehouse. The storage was pretty cheap; one woman while in jail researched the cost of feeding prisoners per day which ranged from 74 cents to $2.72 per prisoner per day.

Go in and read the definition of a recognizance bond and you find that it is a bond or obligation of record. They are selling bonds. They are charging prisoners under a bond; the prisoner signs the bond and the bond becomes the agreement for the payback. This is done when the prisoner signs the final court papers at a sentencing hearing.

How many of us remember when our government attempted to finance from the private sector the Second World War. Weren’t they selling war bonds? They were soaking up the people’s equity in terms of buying bonds, transferring your funds to the government.

The government by purchasing those bonds was promising to pay you back your investment at sometime in the future with interest. At that time what they were collecting from the people was their so-called cash equity.

What is going on now is that people have gotten too poor, too stingy and too smart to buy bonds to finance the government? How long has it been since you heard the Post Office or anyone trying to get you down to buy US savings bonds?

So what they are doing now instead of getting us to voluntarily give our cash equity to the government for a promise to be paid back in the future, they are securing from us some violation of a statute by which the law ascribes from us a penalty; i.e., the payment of a sum of money due.

Instead of collecting the cash from us, they put us through a criminal procedure where we dishonor the system and what Gene said is what is happening is they are selling our capital and our interest. In other words, they are selling the liability you had in whatever charge has been brought against your straw man. They are taking that capital and interest that you should pay and are grabbing that from us and selling it on the open market to bankers and investors to transfer their funds to government which is covered by the bond of the violation of your straw man of that statute. In order to secure the bond the living soul is placed in prison as the surety to back the bond which is financed on the investment of the public market place in terms of the sales of stocks and bonds.

The public doesn’t directly bid on my (the prisoner’s) debt. Your debt is assumed by the bankers. The bankers issue secondary paper that allows me to invest in what they are holding as the holder in due course of the claim against your straw man.

The reason they are doing this is because you dishonored the post settlement procedures for settlement and closure of the account. The prisoner should have come in and accepted and used his exemption. Since the prisoner dishonored the post settlement proceedings, then the prisoner is in dishonor and the issuance of the bonds by the financing system was done in order to pass the punishment on to him because of his inability to fulfill his post settlement objectives.

If you get into to dishonor by non-acceptance, what they are trying to do is get an acceptor which is the same thing as a banker. They need someone to pay off the obligation and if you get into dishonor, they sell your dishonor and put you into prison as the collateral and they sell the bond.

The bond is issued and they get a surety to underwrite the bid bond with a performance bond and then they get an underwriter to underwrite the performance and payment bonds. What the performance bond does is it guarantees the bid contract, or the bid bond. What the bid bond does is guarantee the payment of the performance bond. This is done through a surety company. Then they get an underwriter or an investment banker to underwrite it. After it’s underwritten, they sell it to the public as investment securities, debt instruments, or mutual backed securities.

It’s all done through bonds…bonding. That’s what all these municipal bonds are. What they doing is following everything through the prison system. The prison system is being privatized. Through privatization, private enterprise can fund the prison system cheaper than the government can. They are subsidizing everything through privatization.

ALEC does this; the American Legislative Exchange Council, promotes privatization through foundations like the Reason Foundation owned by David Knott. They get the foundations to promote this and get investors to come in. Cornell was merged with Trinity Venture Company which is an investment company. What they did was changing their name to Reid Trinity Venture and then merged with SB Warburg. (Warburg was out of Germany or France and partnered with Rothschild). SB Warburg is in Chicago, Illinois, and they merged with BIF in Switzerland, which is a settlement and closure bank, and the biggest bank in the world for settlements. They are connected to Cornell Company which is owned by David Cornell.

Everyone is tied in. Paine Webber Group is the United States of America and all the big international corporations are the stockholders and own all the stock in CCA. Everyone is using our exemptions on the private side. They filed a 1096 tax return and show it as a prepaid account, as prepaid interest and they returned it back to the prisoner. They took the prisoners deduction for the exemption and they deduct the tax and the IRS bills the prisoner for the tax. So the corporations are stealing your exemption which is your intellectual property. What’s wrong with this? They are not telling us what they are doing. It’s all commercial. When you go into the court room everything is commercial. Vxxxxx in her seminar says the facts don’t matter, the facts are on the moon. What matters is honor and dishonor. The courts have to dishonor the potential prisoner or get that ‘person’ to argue or get that ‘person’s’ attorney to argue. Just like Martha Stewart. Argue and you’re in dishonor and you’ll end up in jail.

The attorneys are actors to make us think the whole process is a factual issue. They get us into the guilty/not guilty mode and they get into all the cloak and dagger or what evidence to present. It’s a dog and pony show to cover up that they are after the debt money. All corporations work on a fiscal accounting year which means that they spend debt. They can’t get rid of the debt and balance the books unless they run it through our accounts on the private side. We the people run on a calendar year and the corporations run on the fiscal year. They can only balance their books is to run it through our accounts using our exemptions. Then they can do their reverse bookkeeping entry and go to post settlement and closure. They can’t do that until the prisoners do the acceptance (if they do it). That what they are looking for in the court room under 3-410 is the acceptor.

That means we are assuming the liability for the debt as the principal. A lot of times with debt the principal is always the primary libellant in the commercial setting. He has to assume the liability and then you get your remedy. Otherwise you don’t get a remedy. They sell your account to some corporation while you’re sitting in prison.
How many times has government ever had a case against anyone? The attorneys have to attempt to get you to go right into argument and trial and go into dishonor. Axxxx was given documents from redwood Trust on a mortgage foreclosure. She did a conditional acceptance and she did a heck of a job. She stopped them cold and they took the property off the market. At the end she said if they didn’t answer her within 14 days she was going to resort to notorial protest and get remedy for dishonor. She went into the fact that their charter doesn’t allow them to loan credit, she wanted to know the name of the company who was the source of the credit, she wanted the name of the account number, she wanted certified copies of the font and back of the promissory note. She was trying to get them to divulge that it was her secured party creditor that was the source of everything they were doing. She was forcing them to admit that it was her promissory note that was the basis of the credit instrument that they loaned and that they had already sold the note to someone else and they didn’t have it in their possession. What they do is they sell the notes just as they do when you go into prison. They endorse the note and they no longer the holder of the note. The mortgage company wasn’t involved in this process….the attorneys are doing all this. What they are doing is coming to the private side to get the debt without any permission from the mortgage company. IN this case they quoted from the UCC, and it’s from Lex Mercatoria, the Law of the Merchant.

CASE DISMISSED! Out of court!

Here is an image of the original citation.

My friend Jaron has been doing some great work! He recently received this citation in Colorado and then fought it and beat it (but not necessarily how you would expect… he beat it WITHOUT court)!

What he did was he sent a complaint to the citing officers boss making him aware of the following:

Complaint form page one.

Complaint page two.
Complaint page three.
Complaint page four.
Complaint page five.
Complaint page six.
Complaint page seven.

And then after this complaint was submitted, Jaron received a call from the sarge and asked him what he wanted, and here is what he got!

No balance found.
No balance found!


My email conversation with an attorney

I am so happy that an attorney has decided to give me free “legal” advice, so I am giving him a little bit of my “non-legal” advice back. Let me know what you think in the comment section of my most recent response down at the bottom here, lol.

He also LOVES to steal my intellectual material and then use it to make money. If you look at his channel he uses the likeness of my design on the thumbnails of many of his videos and he admits to making money from my material while claiming “fair use” and inciting his audience and not correcting them when they say things like I deserve a death sentence for not having a “proper” license plate.

He’s got a bunch of reddit/discord trolls so I need to counter-attack so leave a comment on his page. The good news is that they are “textbook disinfo sockpuppet” intelligent, so they go down quick. I am not trying to tell you what to say to him, but try to be kind (I know it can be hard). He can be found here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM2Vo2U5e9c

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 7:54 PM support@freedomfromgovernment.org wrote:
Hey man, 

I could care less about who or what you want to make fun of on your channel but I was requested to take the video down and I did because there was a kid on there. The video is no longer available to view on my channel at this time and I probably will not put it back up. I didn’t particularly want to take the video down but I did because there was a minor involved and I was requested to remove it. The same one who requested that I take down the video is not someone who I would want at the plaintiff’s table with me as a defendant if you know what I mean, and I told them that I would request for you to also take down the video in which a minor and particularly identifying information of that minor are contained. You do what you want though, they requested that I ask you to take it down. So will you take it down? Now that my duty is done I would rather post a video of my success rather than my friend’s failure so maybe we can break down the next video In which I am pulled over where there are not as many distractions. I plan on continuing to go live frequently and also continuing to travel frequently.

I don’t typically give the cops any documents at a traffic stop because the 4th amendment does not say that the people are to be secure in their person documents and shit except during traffic stops. Even though both terms “people” and “person” are used in that sentence I know that they are not synonymous and why on earth would they put both of them there like that? At any rate, there is no provision in the 4th amendment for traffic stops and you would likely not have so much fun breaking down a “traffic” stop where I am behind the wheel because they are not nearly as entertaining as the one that you chose to use to defame me by proxy with recently.

I thought about it and while the subject of this traffic stop did have his own way of handling the stop it was not necessarily the way that I would have handled it. I feel like people are misdirecting their hostility in my direction and while that is a minor annoyance it is nowhere near the damage that some of those people do to their own credibility when they decide to comment. For instance; I don’t have any “master mason” connections to dismiss a ticket for me not am I a veteran. And while you think that I am evil because I sell books and stickers and stuff then you should really have a problem with Amazon or I hear at buildasign.com they will make me a license plate with a big “FUCK YOU” printed on it so let’s demonize them for their evil as well. Someone on your page said that I deserved the death sentence or life sentence or some shit for something that I didn’t even do so that is some shit that I am going to deliberate on what I am going to do to resolve it but man how long do you think that you can publicly ridicule people before you become ethically improper and begin to give your profession an even worse reputation than it currently has? 

Anyway, I am going to leave everything alone with you and I don’t think that I will be taking you up on that offer of the live “debate” because my time is valuable and you have demonstrated a level of bias in your previous content that I believe would interfere with the authenticity of any debate on your platform. Nothing against you, as a matter of fact, I wanted to tell you that while I appreciate your willingness to offer me an opportunity without being muted or censored at a debate with you, the chances of me volunteering to a consensual conversation without the pressure of a debating atmosphere would be more agreeable to me, but I still can’t do that until my uneasiness about your bias is resolved. Anyway, hope you are having a great day, but I have lots of work to do so I am going to get going.


On 05.02.2021 07:29, Artrexis Lives wrote:

Hello Trent,

To respond to your initial request, while I will not take down the video, I will compromise by blurring and/or muted any instance where the child speaks or is in camera. I should have that completed over the weekend.

To your next point, there’s a lot the 4th Amendment doesn’t say. And just like any other legal document, the 4th Amendment is subject to interpretation, is it not? What is a “search”? What is a “seizure”? What did the Framers mean by “persons”? These are terms that have to be fleshed out through situations and circumstances where individuals are charged with crimes by the state. Because the context in which someone interacts with the government may change our perspective of what a “search” or “seizure” means under the 4th Amendment. In our system of government, the judiciary is tasked with interpreting the law and how it applies to the factual circumstances presented. In the context of a traffic stop, the Supreme Court has held that the States can require drivers/travelers/whatever you want to call it to identify themselves to a police officer during a lawful traffic stop. Again, what does “lawful” mean? Subject to interpretation as well! The Court did not find that this requirement violated the 4th Amendment. 

As to your last point, I fully understand your reservations. I am actively hostile to your views on the law and its applicability. But I would like to believe that I can be fair in any discussion that we may have. I maintain my promise to not actively mute you in the discussion, and to offer you as much time as you need to make your point across. As an example, I gave you moderator status on my channel during the livestream (to the ire of my other moderators and viewers) precisely to ensure that you were not censored or otherwise timed out by my peers. I did that as a show of good faith in my assurances that I will be fair in any discussion. And it need not be in any sort of formal debate setting. In fact, most of my discussions have been informal. When I had a discussion with ArchAngel (another sovereign youtuber), we styled our discussion by asking each other 10 questions regarding the law, and giving each other time to respond and rebut. 

Thank you for your time and correspondence.


On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 12:40 PM support@freedomfromgovernment.org wrote:


To respond to your initial paragraph. I may forward your response directly to them so that they can see your terms. I am not at liberty to accept your answer but thank you for it.

In the next paragraph, you rely on a “supreme court” and a 4th amendment to say that I have to follow words written down literally centuries ago when I have never sworn to uphold or defend ANY documents to my knowledge and I would challenge you to show how a very old piece of parchment grants any rights to me that were not already granted to me by my creator also known as nature’s God? You see you get all caught up in these documents and opinions when my God-given rights are NON-NEGOTIABLE and NOT FOR SALE and I CERTAINLY will not be defrauded into exchanging them for state-regulated statues of statutes of codes when those codes are not from my creator and your “Supreme court” is NOT in my jurisdiction and your scam of “representation” is evil because I only need to be present not summoned or conjured or appearing. So while your documents and decisions may very well be interpreted, my unalienable rights are very clear and even self-evident. For example, I have the right to be living (even when you do not correct your audience when they tell me that I need the death sentence for using the next God-given right I am about to notice you of), and I have the fucking right to use a machine to move myself! I do not have the right to hurt others so I am RESPONSIBLE when I am using a machine to move myself. PERIOD. No supreme court can tell me otherwise. No old document can tell me otherwise. And certainly, a cop can tell me otherwise and even try to intimidate me and harass me and coerce me and threaten me to tell me otherwise but I will NEVER SUBMIT TO HIS AUTHORITY BECAUSE IT IS A FALSE AUTHORITY if he is trying to take away my free will when I am not harming others. And if you don’t agree with me I will not force you to agree with me but I will as least respect your ability to do so unlike what you have done to me. So fuck off with your word games and evil black books of spells and advocating taking away of people’s free will. Also, a “democracy” is slavery for the 49% that don’t agree with the majority.

And I am not going to collab with you to make videos but I will gladly continue our conversation via email.