What is a law?

Can anyone tell me what a “law” is? Is it something that is written by legislatures? Is it something written by lawyers? Or, are laws written by God? Or are “laws” even written down at all? Which “law” book would you find the “law of gravity” in? A “law” does not need to be written down to see evidence of it, and the “law” is directly related to your rights. Do you know why it is directly related to your “rights”? The “law” is so simple and so closely related to your “rights” because the “rights” are the law. What are your “rights”? Have you ever told a cop; “I know my rights!” Do you know why saying that you know your rights sounds odd? Because everyone knows their rights inherently if you know the difference between right and wrong.

I might as well tell you right now while we are on this topic that there is no constitution that “gives” you rights. There is only a constitution that all public servants swear an oath to uphold and protect. It has nothing to do with the people, except that the constitution is rules for government to follow so that our rights are protected. The constitution does not give you rights, your rights are inherent or natural and they do not come from the government.

The constitution isn’t even applicable to you, but we do use it to hold government servants accountable. All the rules are rules to restrict government. And they have tricked us to think that the government is the authority because of the constitution but they are not even enforcing the constitution. Everything is backwards because they are enforcing “rules”, “statutes”, “codes”, and “policy” on people who it does not apply to because they are not employed by government. And like I said before if their policy applies to me, then I need to be getting a regular paycheck because I don’t follow orders for free. Just think, when a public servant pulls you over and writes you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, he is breaking the law. He is breaking the law because he is forcing or enforcing policy that is only meant for agents of government. Not only that but he is actually extorting and committing piracy on land by pillaging and unjustly enriching himself and his organization by forcing you to pay for not following his rules.

All that a “right” is, is something that is not “wrong”. So your rights are things that you are allowed to do where no one else should “infringe” on those rights, because they are not “wrong”. It is that simple, although you may not be able to see the simplicity of it right away. It really is simple. The “law” is do no harm… and that is pretty much it

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  1. Thank you for your devoted service to educate humanity. May the Most High continue to bestow blissings onto you as you carry out your mission. Shalom.

  2. “3 The precepts of the law are these: to live honestly, to injure no one, and to give every man his due.”


    The precepts of Law – are Justice. Where the law is unjust, it isn’t law. And Justinian had it reduced to these three elements. The complications and complexity arise in trying to codify how those three elements relate to every possible situation, in a modern society – and making a bunch of assumptions about the parties involved, that aren’t always true.

  3. Amazing how easily we followed the “rules” because everyone did. We could not wait to give our selves to them by getting a license. They are still hooking them with this after they brainwash them with socialism. The CCP has written the curriculum since 2003
    In grade schools. Got
    Our colleges in 2012. So sick. But we have young Republicans in our local high school bet they shake up Frankfort Kentucky with this shit. Screw Mitch this is how I am doing it. He lied and cheated it’s time we take their power away. I’m right here by his hometown. I’m going to shake my part of Kentucky awake.

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