Exercising my right to self-expression successfully online

So, it’s ok when bullies make all kinds of videos about me and when I flag them they tell me that they will not take them down but when I share a video that I agree with that I didn’t even create and is even still available to watch elsewhere on YouTube it gets taken down for bullying. Even Orwell would be impressed!

Sometimes “progress” involves transitioning away from things that no longer serve us, and that is ok. Do you know why it’s ok? I am going to start hosting videos on my own server. I don’t need YouTube. This blog is going to become the place where I make my posts and then I will share them on Facebook so that I will always retain complete control over my content.

It’s ABOUT TIME FOR ME TO EXERCISE MY CYBER FREEDOM! So bookmark this site so that you get it from the source!


One thought on “Exercising my right to self-expression successfully online”

  1. I’m with you. I’ve been following blogs on the legal system for a few years. When I see one that I fear may be taken down or I want to be able to study it, I type it. Many have been taken down and I have them to share anyway. I have not communicated with the authors mostly because i don’t have time. I am spread thin now since I found all the proofs that the earth is flat, because of the reason it is taught to be a sphere. that brought more questioning that was directed to NASA, government, schools, then to the health realm. I always questioned that. Finally to the church and those who created it, used it as a history book/religion to displace all those who knew about the divine matrix and our part in it. this was a link I read and copied. it was later removed. but I have it. My wish is to get with the people who I learned from (all together) to move this train faster down the track. Many I learn from could learn from many of the others I have learned from. I believe this “alone together ” we are living under is an attempt to quash my goal. , Charles Smith nonimon@prodigy.net

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