What is a law?

Can anyone tell me what a “law” is? Is it something that is written by legislatures? Is it something written by lawyers? Or, are laws written by God? Or are “laws” even written down at all? Which “law” book would you find the “law of gravity” in? A “law” does not need to be written… Continue reading What is a law?

Got Insurance?

Any and every insurance scheme is racketeering, If you look to the uniform bonding code any law that is made compulsory is gambling/racketeering and any judge who “knowingly” enforces a racketeering scheme can be disbarred. The key here is “knowingly” he can’t deny it once you forward that let him know that you know. Anyway,… Continue reading Got Insurance?

Resident vs Native

Four (4) Classes of Citizenship in America 1. Oregonian (State Citizen, highest form, on the land by right, owns land (home), not property (resident). Right to do all except violate another mans rights. Inhabits land that is private, land not owned by United States) Property is that which one has a right to, not ownership of. Property… Continue reading Resident vs Native

How George Washington broke the government

“What Does the Constitution Say?”https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gbV-d6XW_ag Dr. Eduardo M. Rivera:George Washington Jailer And Tax Collector Everyone realizes that government is broken from the top on down, but no one has figured out that it was George Washington, the reputed Father of his Country, who broke it. The country George Washington fathered wasn’t God’s country it was… Continue reading How George Washington broke the government