CASE DISMISSED! Out of court!

Here is an image of the original citation.

My friend Jaron has been doing some great work! He recently received this citation in Colorado and then fought it and beat it (but not necessarily how you would expect… he beat it WITHOUT court)!

What he did was he sent a complaint to the citing officers boss making him aware of the following:

Complaint form page one.

Complaint page two.
Complaint page three.
Complaint page four.
Complaint page five.
Complaint page six.
Complaint page seven.

And then after this complaint was submitted, Jaron received a call from the sarge and asked him what he wanted, and here is what he got!

No balance found.
No balance found!


3 thoughts on “CASE DISMISSED! Out of court!”

  1. I had a similar experience using similar arguments, on sffsdsvits filed with court in City of Winter Park, CO.

    I have a driver’s license and company owned truck, but I was traveling for personal benefit on time off. My company may have a deal with someone at DMV being a fiction, but I as a living man do not. Further I maintain I have a license to driver commercially, but it is my right to disuse it, or not, when traveling as a traveler. The license doesn’t blanket me, I get to move to and from driver status at will.

    I also used a couple other things against them. 18USC 245 is a law making the officer (and the judge and prosecutor, and chief of police) guilty of conspiracy to deny my rights under threat of violence ( arrest, and, I maintain, injury or death therefrom, since arrests do often result from such actions in America), and also fines, fees, and restraint from my work are deprivations that are violent to my well being, liberty, and pursuit.

    18USC 241,2,3, is similar them denying my rights, even without threat of violence. Color of law.

    I also pointed out faults with radar the way officer used it, and him keeping his camera off until he came to my car was violation of my rights to have Brady info I contend he covered up ( real time views of his radar working. )

    Finally he and prosecutor and Chief conspired to deprive me of equal treatment under law, In that cop wrote “no deals” on ticket and in first court I asked them to prove jurisdiction ( I denied they had it for personal, even if subject matter may be their purview, but as a traveler I couldn’t be covered). over me before next day of court, and asked too, why everyone in court that day, but me was offered a deal but me? Judge smiled and said, let’s see. He read from file. It says here you were bad attitude and challenged officer, and had lots of tickets. I asked whether the state had a criminal statute for extra punishment ( extra costs, forcing court visits, days off work, or stricter enforcement on people exercising rights to speech? Or if “lots” of tickets ( but not too many points) has a special las, for extra punishment, but not shown on ticket. He said no. So I charged that they conspired to enhance my charges extrajudicially, punish me extra before he, the judge even gets a chance to hear evidence of guilt, taking judges purview onto themselves, and treat me with less respect or benefits than every other ( younger,) defendant. I asked him to sanction them for abuse of process, abuse of the court, and abuse of power not even vested in them.

    They withdrew, entire matter on a pretense. No points no fines.

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