Their Secret about the “Sovereign Citizen” That They Won’t Tell You

First off; anyone who refers to themselves as a “sovereign citizen” is falling into a propaganda trap set by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The term “sovereign citizen” in itself is an oxymoron, because the word “sovereign” refers to a supreme authority… which could also never be a “citizen”.

“Sovereign citizen” is an easy label they can slap on anyone who they want to shut down. The “sovereign citizen” is really just an updated and more sinister sounding label demonizing Americans by creating a negative catch phrase like they have in the past with terms such as “conscientious objector”, and “conspiracy theorist”. This term has been specifically manufactured to label Americans as violent extremists. I don’t know anyone but feds, provocateurs, and lame-stream media who use the term “sovereign citizen”.

Here’s how it works:

1) Attorney gets posed with questions that could not only damage his reputation if he gives and honest answer to, but also get him in trouble with his boss (the courts and ABA) by revealing the fraud they have perpetrated.

2) Meanwhile there are entities such as the ADL and SPLC that have been using a staged false flag event in 2010 to label and demonize these people who they say are self proclaimed “sovereign citizens” when really no one identifies as a “sovereign citizen”.

3)How the people get identified as “sovereign citizens” is when that attorney we were talking about before starts using the term to demonize individuals that could potentially cause problems for the entire system and generously applies the label and then people go and google the term and then see all the propaganda by the ADL and SPLC and then associates the wild claims made by the attorney with the targeted dissenters.

4) No one ever stipulates to being a “sovereign citizen” and I challenge you to find me one person who claims to be one. They simply don’t exist… they are a “boogeyman” invented for the sole purpose of eliminating the threat to their racketeering scam.

Arnold Law is now implying in it’s latest motion to dismiss that people have been labeling themselves “Sovereign Citizens”. I want to know EXACTLY who it was who referred to themselves as a “sovereign citizen” so that I can help them from their confusion. I want names Mike, and I want them now. And if you don’t have any names or self admitted “sovereign citizens” then I want you to make a public apology for fabricating information.

I want to know EXACTLY who is out there calling themselves "sovereign citizens".
I want to know EXACTLY who is out there calling themselves “sovereign citizens”.
Liberal use of the label to demonize those who oppose.
Liberal use of the label to demonize those who oppose.

Have a look at the following articles to learn more and see these tactics in action by a high profile attorney:

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1 thought on “Their Secret about the “Sovereign Citizen” That They Won’t Tell You”

  1. SOVEREIGN CITIZEN = GOVERNMENT FALSE FLAG. Lets go in even deeper – Take Notice:
    During the trial of James and Sharon Patterson, (Case 6:97-CR-51) William Wayne Justice, Judge of the United States District Court Texas-Eastern Division when presented with law stated: “I take my orders from England. This is not a law this court goes by.” Note: Validation: The article below is excerpted from: with minor changes (as noted by … (dots) and /or (parentheses). It is from the American Patriot Friends Network

    For all of those who did not believe that the United States INC (DC Corporation UNITED STATES INC., UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC legally ONLY in control of the 68.33 Sq Miles of DC) IS under CROWN control. The above statement is straight from the Horses mouth a so called Federal Judge. … All Federal Judges, Congressmen, U.S. Attorneys, State Judges, Legislators and most Attorneys know this and are in fact CROWN Agents. Their job is to keep the people in line and to be productive slaves which … The … (International Banker) Agents are greatly compensated for. The Sherriff’s/police seem to want to remain deceived that they too work for the CROWN and are warring on the American People! ALL COURTS on The united states of America are occupied by UNS INC Actor judges which are under the BAR (BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTER) including the judge on Bundy / Hammond case meaning and ENEMY OF THE ORGANIC FIFTY FREE INDEPENDENT NATION STATES and are operatives of the CROWN as are all US so called Judges who are merely Attorneys in Black robes here to attorn you rights away (turn away rights and property over to the CROWN = US INC .c. 1871). They are in the business to foist Americans in to foreign CROWN courts operating under Private rules and code from DC UNITED STATES Inc which is under the CROWN / VATICAN on to the American people to deny their birth right state STATUS under which they are cloaked with Unalienable Rights. Note UNITED STATES Citizen is a class of status invented to by the CROWN to ENSLAVE all Americans and one should never stand as a UNITED STATES CITIZEN. All judges are operating in violation of the Organic 13th Amendment which BANS FOREIGN PSYCHOPATHS from taking a public Office in America! NOTE There are no public Offices – everything operates as a corporation under the CROWN UNITED STATES Corp.! Exposing the hidden hand. When you read this – replace British et al for the word CROWN which is the 1 sq Mile of London called the City which is a State within the State and a vatican enclave foreign to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales… ran by the Rothschilds et al and the illuminati Black Nobility! links:

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