The feds IN FACT have no jurisdiction to prosecute Bundys

FBI Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing

The 1861 Civil-War era law (H. R. 45) isn’t applicable to prosecute the Bundys and the other protesters. The feds IN FACT have no jurisdiction.

Are you a one man militia buying bullets…prepping to protect your home and family? That won’t do against the FBI and DHS. You and your family won’t survive unless WE RISE UP TOGETHER NOW, not on tyranny’s agenda. Do you really believe that another election is going to change the minds of all the enemies arrayed against us? There really is no better time and place to begin Constitutional restoration than to insist the feds release the peaceful protesters, including Cliven Bundy, they have jailed in Portland, Oregon. They all had good reason to feel wrongfully (unlawfully) threatened by the feds and were in fact within their rights to be armed and at the Malheur Refuge while protesting and teaching our Constitution to the citizens in Oregon.

The use of the 1861 Civil-War era law by Greg Bretzing, other FBI agents and their “partners,” most notably the nastiest whore in Oregon, Kate Brown, in their conspiracy to ambush and murder LaVoy Finicum and falsely arrest the other peaceful protesters IS IN FACT BASED ENTIRELY on the premise (false claim) that the peaceful protesters had been “occupying a federal building on federal land, (i.e., what the federal government and their “partners” call the “Malheur National Wildlife Refuge”), and as falsely charged with threats of violence were preventing federal officers from performing their duties.”


FBI “Special agent” Greg Bretzing unlawfully took charge of “law enforcement” in Harney County, Oregon. He either knew he was unlawfully following illegitimate orders, or did not take the time to read our Constitution, i.e., acted irresponsibly.

The ambush and premeditated murder of LaVoy Finicum, and false arrests of numerous other protesters, all now charged with “conspiracy,” is the federal government’s claim that there is a “conspiracy” against the federal government (not against the United States, but against the federal government). Apparently, the feds have decided that their best attempt at prosecution is to accuse the protesters of “conspiracy,” because it is easier to prosecute than an actual crime (where there is no victim, there is no crime) and their claim of “conspiracy” is a classic example of evil claiming to be good and accusing good of being evil.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” Isaiah 5:20

NOTE: The protesters are accused of “arming up and threatening federal officers with violence to prevent them from performing their duties.” But in fact the “duties” that the feds claim DO NOT EXIST and LaVoy Finicum and other peaceful protesters threatened and injured no one. The feds are in fact claiming to be a victim, but the “duties” they claim are wholly illegitimate. The feds were NOT victims, NOR were any of the citizens of Harney County.

“Our rulers can have no authority over natural rights, only as we have submitted to them. The rights of conscience we never submitted. We are answerable for them to our God. Thelegitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as injurious to others. ” Thomas Jefferson

The facts clearly reveal that, with their premeditated murder of LaVoy Finicum, false arrests and false charges against the other protesters (all victims of a crime) that the feds are attempting to conceal their unlawfully taking (theft) of state lands, i.e., that the feds and their “partners” are in fact the ones who have been conspiring, and with their overt assembling and unlawful use of an army (their private army) are in fact LEVYING WAR against the United States, i.e., in fact COMMITTING TREASON against the United States.

HR 45The 1861 bill (H. R. 45) was signed into law by Abraham Lincoln to arrest what were labelled as “secessionists” who had taken the federal government’s forts, naval bases, post offices, and federal court buildings.

First of all, the “secessionists” in 1861 had not taken a “wildlife refuge.” They had only taken buildings that the federal government had erected in accordance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution. Nowhere in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 does it say the federal government is to own or manage lands or to erect buildings on a “wildlife refuge.”

ten Miles square (2)In fact Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 does not even include the word “land” in it: The very name “Bureau of Land Management” (“BLM”) is IN FACT an act of fraud. As Justice Antonin Scalia stated:

“The Constitution is a legal document, and it says what it says and doesn’t say what it doesn’t say.

Was Justice Scalia murdered…to hide the murder of Lavoy Finicum? Was Justice Scalia going to speak out regarding the feds’ theft of lands?

Second, LaVoy Finicum, the Bundys and all the other protesters in Oregon do not oppose federal power. What they do oppose (and did so peacefully) is the abuse of power by the federal government, including the federal government’s unlawful taking of millions of acres of state lands, including the building that the federal government erected on the “national wildlife refuge”—having nothing to do with the legislative authority granted the federal government in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the United States Constitution.

Third, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was taken by Teddy Roosevelt byExecutive Order No. 929, NOT “purchased” as required by Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of our Constitution. In other words the federal government has no jurisdiction in the lands the protesters have been are accused of “occupying”. The FBI and its “partners” had no authority to ambush LaVoy Finicum and other protesters — the federal courts have no jurisdiction, NONE WHATSOEVER. In regards to the feds lack of jurisdiction also see US v. Cornell.

The federal prosecutors claim that the protesters had no right to oppose federal enforcement officers whether or not they believed that the federal government has no constitutional jurisdiction over the lands. Such a claim is LUDICROUS in light of the fact that all administrative and “legal remedies” have been entirely exhausted. The federal courts (federal judges) have revealed they are politically motivated and have no intention of following the rule of law—willfully violating and alienating the United States Constitution… and even worse they refuse to acknowledge our Natural Rights to self-defense. It is with their refusal to acknowledge our Natural Rights that they have accused the protesters of being violent simply because they were armed. And yet, not once did LaVoy Finicum nor the other protesters, ever point a gun at anyone. Quite the opposite, they were in fact peacefully and patiently teaching our Constitution to the citizens of Harney County and had been invited to also do so in Grant County when the FBI and its “partners” suddenly decided to be violent, in fact forced LaVoy Finicum and his fellow protesters into what is known as  a “killing field”.

NOTE: The 2nd Amendment of our Constitution supports our Natural Rights to self-defense and the feds and their “partners” have in fact falsely accused law abiding  Americans who felt threatened of “arming up”.

The fact is that the protesters were protesting against individuals in the federal government and their “partners” who have been conspiring, not only against the United States, but against the federal government, i.e., against the constraints on the federal government established for us by our Founding Fathers. Any federal officer, official, judge, agent, or employee, or officer, official, judge, agent, or employee in any of the 50 states who does not speak in the first place in support and defense of our Constitution and subsequently in support and defense of LaVoy Finicum and the protesters now imprisoned, is today committing treason against the United States and MUST BE REMOVED FROM OUR OFFICES !!!!! They do not have a “duties” to violate and alienate our Constitution !!!!!

If the federal court in Portland Oregon (for lack of jurisdiction) does not release all the Bundys and the other protesters who have exposed the feds’ unlawful taking (theft) of the Malheur “Wildlife Refuge” in Harney County, Oregon and the millions of other acres of land belonging to various states, and arrest warrants are not issued for Greg Bretzing, other FBI agents and their “partners,” for the ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum, and false arrests of the other protesters, (i.e., acts of treason), I will begin returning fire. I cannot sit quietly when war is being levied against the United States !



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10 thoughts on “The feds IN FACT have no jurisdiction to prosecute Bundys”

  1. Hello, Please join us with a filing for 3:16-CR-ooo51-Br v Bundy et al. Private attorney generals across America. I’m Ronald Vrooman a PAG and we have filed 5 papers in this case. We are looking for standing and have no answer from Anna J. Brown at this time. Also a Motion, Brief, records request and Notice and demand have been filed. contact Donald Boxley, Alabama Skpye, we meet every morning a 7 a.m. Pacific time.


  2. I was unable to serve in person at the Portland office of the FBI (a corporation) a public records request Greg is not forth coming. I filed a civil rights violation as PAG. and reg mail the public records request. I also made Anna J, Brown Judge Fed. Dist Court aware of the FBI’s action.

    1. I hope these folks who have been indicted won’t have to go broke fighting something that never should have happened to them in the first place. And what about Lavoy Finnicum? Will the FBI go to jail for this??

  3. I am reading and trying to verify these facts and so far have found that the FBI and BLM are violating our Constitution. I am certain there were some real jerks in Burns that thought they could walk around with guns and threaten uniformed people. (I wore a Forest Service uniform for 20+ years and we WERE targets.) Nevertheless, these people were within their rights to protest and to share their stories with the public. They must be freed. I can only support these people with words and a few dollars at this time but just like my retired Marine boyfriend fought and my Uncle Dennis died for this country, I will stand with these citizens and do all I can to preserve our rights. God bless our authorities and give them the strength and wisdom to choose this day, whom they will serve.

  4. Hate to ruin ever-bodies day but but America has gone through some major changes that have been kept secret from the general public. In law it is very difficult to mix what was and what is today and still keep the secret.

    The constitution along with the government died 156 years ago. Killed by president Lincoln in 1861 then became a corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The constitution has been replaced with a rather thick book iv seen once I forget now the name of.

    America is made up of 32 states, not 50. Each state an Independent nation. All so called states that supposedly became states after 1861 are not true states except for the most part California. In other-words except for California all states in the western part of America are not states because there was no constitution or government to make it so however they all pretend to be states and act like states. So they are instead Federal Territories. The south west Territories and the north west territories, and why the feds have so much over reach with the BLM, Forest Circus and huge military bases you won’t find in the east. At one time Montana, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon was all the Oregon territories.

    Also these days the local so called courts, the police, the sheriff, and all local government in the long run all work for the Feds, but most don’t know it.

    To make matters even worse by far in 1931 the Federal Corporate Government took most everything, all the land and everything on the land they own including most but not all the people and is all held as collateral as the good credit of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA because their is no money, it doesn’t exist. What is exchanged as so called money is promises to pay, debt being pasted back and forth. The more money you have the more debt you have. If you own land you don’t. You simply pay rent for the privledge to use it. Nobody owns anything in America because there’s no money to buy anything. Part of the deal also secret is since the government owns everything including us they have to maintain everything, keep the collateral in good shape which they do and don’t. They are to provide for all are needs as slaves however if they did they would lose the only thing a slave is good for his “labor” or “value”. So if they took real good care of every body no one would work and they would lose much of the value of the collateral and production would come to a stop and the country would collapse which it will do anyway sooner or later when the dollar is no longer the reserve currency that would make America isolated from the rest of the world from global trade much like North Korea as long as we have no money backed with something besides threats. Why the military is so big.

    So as you can see it’s one hell of a big mess!


  5. Peaceful protests are over a wise man once told me (NEVER FIGHT A MAN ON HIS OWN TURF BY HIS RULES YOU WILL LOOSE EVERY TIME). You have God given rights start using them start by arming yourself every where you go Militia you knew this day was coming use your constitution as a guideline. Fear is The most restrictive emotion that must be controlled if this battle for freedom is going to be won.

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