The 2nd Amendment Isn’t Under Attack, You Just Don’t Understand The Difference Between Statutes and Laws

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Special thanks to Seiko Seven for this information.

United States Corporate Statutes vs Laws of the Land:

Internal Corporate Restrictive Firearms Statutes as found in U.S. Codes and State Statutes are enacted for Gov’t employees to abide by while they are on the clock so they cannot over power, with Arms, the American People while performing their jobs as ‘public servants’. Statutes are enacted to help run gov’t more efficiently and to keep restrictions on Gov’t employees, not the average American. Because of collective ignorance of the Law; the public fool system, and the gov’t owned media, they have used THEIR OWN internal statutes that are ONLY MEANT FOR THEM to control the rest of us and keep us equipped with less firepower than they themselves have available to secretly and overtly overthrow the American People without a single shot fired.

They add restrictive firearms statutes to THEIR CODES on a daily basis because they have hoodwinked us into believing the internal rules of their corporation, for their own employees that Obama is the CEO of, apply to you an I. We keep abiding by THEIR INTERNAL STATUTES because we’ve never been taught the difference, and it is working out very well in their favor to say the least. Since we keep abiding by THEIR Restrictive Firearms Statutes (only meant for gov’t employees), they keep adding more, more, and more, until eventually they will be the only one’s with guns while you and I are left with nothing more than sticks and stones.

Basically, they’ve pulled the ole switcheroo on us. They are enjoying the Rights of the People, while restricting the People with Internal Corporate Statutes that only apply to them.

This is how they are controlling society instead of SERVING SOCIETY, but the con is being exposed by people who know the Law and know the difference between internal corporate statutes and actual Rights of man.

First allow me to pose a common sense question:

Can anyone point me to the actual footnote or statute under the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution that states I must pay $200.00 for a Tax Stamp in order to own or possess an Automatic Weapon or Silencer, or any other weapon or accessory I wish to own? Or the footnote under Article II pointing me to US Codes stating I must obtain a concealed carry permit from the STATE prior to exercising my already inherent Right of bearing my firearm, either concealed or openly?

I’m having a hard time finding ANY reference to US Codes in the Constitution, which just happens to be, still to this day, the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND that restricts Government employees, and from what I’ve read in Marbury vs Madison, it looks like the Supreme Court (Gov’t employees Supreme Court) has ruled that any secondary law (which would be a statute, code, rule, regulation, such as those found in US Codes or State statutes) that comes into direct conflict with the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, is to be ignored with impunity.

Here, read it for yourself:

Marbury v. Madison: 5 US 137 (1803):

“No provision of the Constitution is designed to be without effect,” “Anything that is in conflict is null and void of law”, “Clearly, for a secondary law to come in conflict with the supreme Law was illogical, for certainly, the supreme Law would prevail over all other laws and certainly our forefathers had intended that the supreme Law would be the bases of all law and for any law to come in conflict would be null and void of law, it would bare no power to enforce, in would bare no obligation to obey, it would purport to settle as if it had never existed, for unconstitutionality would date from the enactment of such a law, not from the date so branded in an open court of law, no courts are bound to uphold it, and no Citizens are bound to obey it. It operates as a near nullity or a fiction of law.”

If any statement, within any law, which is passed, is unconstitutional, the whole law is unconstitutional by Marbury v. Madison.

Am I reading that wrong?

What would be considered secondary laws that are in direct conflict with the Law of the Land? Could it be those restrictive firearms codes and statutes as found in US Codes and State statutes? Silly things like ‘you must obtain a class III weapons permit…’, or ‘you must obtain a concealed carry permit…’, or ‘you must pay $200.00 for a tax stamp…’?

Do US Codes supersede the Constitutions Supreme Authority? Are the US Codes actually the REAL law of the land, and the Constitution is just a silly Document that should be ignored?

If so, were the US Codes written PRIOR to the Constitution? And if so, can someone please send me the Congressional Record of that? Do US Codes and State statutes Supersede the LAW OF THE LAND? Can someone please refer me to that case law or the footnote in the Constitution stating so?

For some strange reason I cannot find ANY footnotes or Amendments in the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND that points me to US Codes or State Statutes to validate the Law known as Article II ~ Scratches head in confusion.

If someone can help me find the actual footnote under the 2nd Amendment that points me to the US Codes stating I must purchase a $200.00 Tax Stamp to exercise the Rights that Document protects, it would be greatly appreciated.

Go ahead, I’ll wait (watching clock and drumming fingers on desk).

While some of you are searching for that (here’s a tip: It does not exist), the others who already know the answer feel free to continue with the learning curriculum.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Do you know your American History? Are you sure? I hope you’ll take the time to personally verify the information below; you’re about to take the Red pill.

Are you aware that you have NOT had a legitimate gov’t body on American soil since the 41st Congress walked out sine die (without a return date) in 1861. D.C. basically sat dormant for ten years and the foreign money masters decided to take over America under a corporate ponzi scheme. In 1871 they inhabited those halls of congress in D.C. and incorporated that ten square mile radius and they named their newfound shitty little corporation the ‘UNITED STATES’, which is NOT the same as the ‘united States of America’ in an attempt to hoodwink/fool the People into believing they once again had a legitimately seated gov’t body (see District of Columbia Act of 1871).

American History

‘UNITED STATES’ that is masquerading as your legitimate gov’t body on American soil and the con continues to this day.

Yes, the UNITED STATES is a foreign corporation operating under the International Organization Immunities Act (UN) since 1945.

The UNITED STATES is not the same as the ‘united States of America’.

All your so-called ‘elected officials’ must expatriate their American National Citizenship and swear an allegiance to that foreign corporation before they may hold public office.

Proof: Oath of office makes all elected officials foreign agents 

And be sure to listen to the audio of Rod Class explaining this to you at the bottom of that post to help you better understand what has actually happened.

That corporation has its own set of rules, codes, statutes, that they like to call ‘laws’ (US Codes Title 1 – Title 54) that only apply to internal employees of that corporation who are being compensated to abide by the ‘you may not possess 30 round magazines’, or ‘you may not possess an automatic weapon without a tax stamp’, or ‘you must obtain a concealed carry license’, statutes.

See their internal statutes here:

Employees of that corporation must abide by those internal and restrictive firearms statutes while they are on the clock receiving pay, because they are being compensated, as they have signed into an employment contract to hold that gov’t job, unlike most of us who are NOT being compensated.

Statutes are NOT laws, they are internal rules for INTERNAL employees of that corporation, just as BURGER KING or XEROX has their own internal statutes/rules/codes/regulations that only apply to their internal employees while they are on the clock and being compensated to abide by them, so does the corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

Now you know why Title 26 of THEIR CODE reads like this,

‘INTERNAL Revenue Code’ …. Those taxing statutes are only enforceable on their own INTERNAL EMPLOYEES who have signed into an employment contract to hold their government jobs, and do not apply to the average American who is not a gov’t employee. That is why the Income Tax is also voluntary for anyone who wishes to participate. They cannot force NON gov’t employees to file, but if you wish to voluntarily file and pay, they sure as hell aren’t going to stop you from donating to their corporation.

You must remember that America is a Common Law Nation, and you must also remember that Slavery and Involuntary Servitude are against the law on American soil (see Amendment XIII), and no man may compel performance from another man without fairly and justly compensating that man.

What would constitute performance in the context of this writing?

Answer: Forcing another man/woman to abide by internal statutes/rules/codes/regulations of a corporation he/she does NOT work for.

They have hoodwinked the majority of the country into believing their internal rules/codes/statutes/regulations (which are not laws) apply to EVERYONE on this landmass, but they do not. They only apply to employees of that corporation who are being compensated to abide by them while they are on the clock fulfilling their part of the employment contract. If you are a local/state/federal employee, then you are not allowed to possess certain weapons without a tax stamp, and you must obtain a concealed carry permit, or you may not possess 30 round magazine, etc. …… While you are on the clock and receiving pay, only!

If you work for BURGER KING or XEROX, you are required to abide by that corporation’s internal rules/regulations/statutes while you are on the clock, but when you clock out at 5PM you are no longer contractually obligated to abide by those internal rules until you clock back in to work the next morning at 7AM.

Those of us who are NOT local/state/federal employees are not contractually bound by those internal corporate statutes, as we are not receiving a gov’t paycheck on the 1st and 15th like all other gov’t employees who are being compensated to abide by that corporation’s internal statutes.

Yes, the UNITED STATES is a Federal Corporation, they even tell you this in their own codes.

(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.


If they are not paying you to abide by those ridiculous firearms rules/codes/statutes/regulations (which are NOT laws), then they simply do not apply to you, as slavery and involuntary servitude are against the law on American soil (see Amendment XIII).

So, what is gov’t doing to us?

Because you have in your possession a Certificate of Live Birth; a Driver’s License, and a Social Security No., (all of which are gov’t issued ID’s), this corporation likes to run wild with their presumptions that YOU are one of their own internal employees who are contractually obligated to abide by their internal rules/codes/statutes/regulations, but they are forgetting to tell you one thing:

If they expect any kind of performance out of you other than merely possessing those ID’s, they are lawfully required to compensate you, just as they are compensating all other local/state/federal employees who are being compensated to abide by that corporations own internal statutes, which are NOT laws.

They aren’t compensating you on the 1st and 15th of the month, therefore those internal statutes do NOT apply to you, period! But if you’re willing to play along and wilfully abide by those statutes without compensation, they sure as hell aren’t going to stop you. This is how they control the majority of society, because most of us don’t know the difference between internal statutes and actual laws.

Keep calling something like a code or a statute a ‘Law’, and before you know it everyone starts believing they actually ARE laws.

They make BILLIONS, possibly TRILLIONS of dollars every year off unsuspecting Americans who don’t know the law; who don’t know their Rights by presuming you into a quasi-employment position within their shitty little corporation, and they are conveniently forgetting to send you your check on the 1st and 15th.

So, how do we protect our Rights from gov’t agents/agencies that insist on Interfering with your Right to own/possess any firearm you choose, which would include fully automatic weapons or an F-16 without any type of license or extortion fee tax stamp?

First we have to learn the difference between a ‘criminal complaint’ and an actual claim.

Here’s what happens:

Some gov’t goon/agency gets word that you possess and automatic weapon without a tax stamp (extortion fee) and they send out their goons to kick down your door and arrest you in the dark of night. The D.A. then files a ‘criminal complaint’ against you for possession of that/those weapons without the proper tax stamps/permission and attempts to throw you in a cage for 10 years and wreck your life/family/finances, etc.

You must realize that he is only COMPLAINING about your possession (hence the criminal complaint), because he has no actual claim. He’s hoping like hell that you do not know the law and you or your attorney file any kind of paperwork back into his silly complaint, such as an affidavit; a rebuttal; a counterclaim, etc., which now creates joinder. Now that you’ve acknowledged his silly complaint as anything legitimate, he now takes his complaint and runs with like an actual claim and the STATE now becomes the injured party ….. Cool little con they have there, eh?

He had no lawful case (claim) until you started playing attorney and filing paperwork back into his silly complaint, which ultimately legitimizes the toothless piece of paper known as a ‘criminal complaint’ and gives it legs.

As free men/women on American soil we do NOT answer silly complaints. If we answered every single complaint someone made against us on a daily basis, we’d never get anything done. But we do answer to verifiable claims made by another man/woman who claims to be an injured party; or claims we have harmed them or their private property, and if we have done them harm, we try to compensate them for our trespasses.

The D.A. cannot be an injured party because your possession of an automatic weapon without a tax stamp did not harm HIM or his personal property, therefore he is bringing controversy where there is no controversy; he’s attempting to unjustly enrich himself and the almighty STATE by hoodwinking you with a silly complaint that has zero force or effect in actual law.

When the D.A. files a criminal complaint against you, it reads like this:

STATE OF TEXAS vs John P. Doe [Illegal possession of class III weapon]

What he is doing is filing a complaint on behalf of some entity that goes by the name ‘STATE OF TEXAS’, but on American soil you have the Right to confront your accuser and attempt to compensate him for any harm you may have caused (see Article VI) – Can this entity known as the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ take the stand and point you out across the room and say,

‘That man right over there harmed me and my personal property by possessing that automatic weapon and I require compensation for the trespass!’ ?

Answer: No, it cannot.

Basically the prosecutor has himself an imaginary friend he’s hoping you don’t call to the stand to verify you’ve caused him harm, injury, or loss.

The Plaintiff must appear and verify his claim, on the Record – Only a ‘man’ may utter with his voice in open court and verify a claim, a corporation such as the STATE OF TEXAS cannot.

So what we have here is a D.A. who is filing false claims against his fellow man to unjustly enrich himself and the almighty STATE OF TEXAS Corp. or UNITED STATES by attempting to hoodwink you with a ‘criminal complaint’, because they make BILLIONS of dollars through the courts with this con on a yearly basis. Remember that gov’t cannot file claims against the People, as the People are the one’s who created the gov’t – gov’t can only file complaints.

He’s operating under the presumption that YOU are one of that corporation’s own internal employees who is contractually obligated to abide by that corporation’s internal ‘laws’ known as codes and statutes, which are NOT actual laws of this land. It is not against the law to presume, and if you don’t rebut, you must agree, and when two entities agree, we now have law. Yes, it is quite the con, but they make billions of dollars through the court system on a yearly basis from non-employees of their corporation because we don’t know the difference between statutes and actual laws.

So how do we combat this criminal behavior?

Answer: We must file a claim against him to counter his silly complaint!

You can learn a lot about this subject from another post of mine, here:
The STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. PUBLIC [illegal possession of]

He is committing barratry; attempting unjust enrichment; extortion; harming your good name within your community; malicious prosecution, theft/robbery of property without due process of law, and wasting your very precious and valuable time dealing with his toothless nonsense known as a ‘criminal complaint’, and now you are going to file a claim (not a complaint, but an actual claim) against him and drag him into court as a defendant for trespassing on your Rights by filing false claims against you.

You are going to require compensation from him for the trespass(es), and because your compensation is going to exceed twenty dollars (see Article VII), you are going to invoke your Right to a ‘trial by jury’. Now the D.A. has become a defendant in a trespass claim and YOU are now the prosecutor in a court of record, and in a court of record, the Tribunal is Independent of the Magistrate. You are now the prosecutor; the man who filed false claims against you is now the wrongdoer, and the Jury now becomes the Judge. The guy who normally plays God (the Judge) is now lowered to the status of a mere referee who is to carry out the court’s orders and keep court decorum, only. He can no longer tell you to sit down and shut up, as this is now YOUR court, and it is YOUR claim in that public building, and he is only there to referee by your request.

The D.A. has his case (criminal complaint) and you must bring forth YOUR case (an actual claim) so you aren’t playing defendant in THEIR court.

These scumbags make BILLIONS of dollars every year with this con of filing ‘complaints’ (read that as false claims) against their fellow man because we have never been taught the Law.

That corporation has THEIR set of rules for their own internal employees (US Codes Title 1 – Title 54) as found here,

And we have our own set of rules, known as the Common Law – Do. No. Harm.

You will NOT find any reference to those statutes (US Codes) in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights because they are a SEPARATE set of rules/codes/statutes/regulations that are NOT part of the Law of the Land known as the Constitution. They are rules for internal gov’t employees who are being compensated to abide by the ‘you may not possess 30 round magazines’ statutes. You will not find BURGER KING or XEROX statutes in the Constitution either, as they are a SEPARATE set of rules that only apply to employees of those corporations while they are on the clock and receiving pay.

The Second Amendment clearly states:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

That word ‘shall’ means at anytime in the future, and there is ZERO Amendments or Footnotes anywhere in the Bill of Rights that reference man to go to US Codes to validate the Law, because US Codes are NOT Laws, they are totally Independent of the Constitution, and have zero force or effect in Law unless you are an employee of that corporation and under contract to perform by those internal statutes, period!

To change that Law (2nd Amendment), it would have to be ratified by 3/4’s of the States, then voted on by the Senate, and that will NEVER-EVER happen on American soil and they damned well know it, so all they can do is HOPE you continue to go along with their con by convincing you that their internal corporate statutes are laws by continuing to use the media to call them laws, instead of what they actually are – Internal Corporate Statutes of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES.

This corporation’s CEO and Board of Directors (Obama, Senators, Congressmen) can change their own internal firearms statutes at will-on a daily basis because it is a separate set of rules that only applies to employees of that corporation, but do not apply to the average American who is not on the gov’t payroll. Just like BURGER KING or XEROX can change their own internal ‘laws’ at will, so can the ‘UNITED STATES Corp.’, and they don’t need a Constitutional Amendment to do it, because those statutes are NOT Laws of this Land, and only apply to employees of that corporation. They can change them daily, as they most often do, and need no ratification from the several States, because they are NOT laws, they are statutes that only apply to the CEO (Obama) and those gov’t agents/employees beneath him.

In closing: You may own/buy/sell/possess any weapon of choice without permission from that corporation if you are not an employee of that corporation, and all they can do is COMPLAIN about it – hence their ‘criminal complaints’, and you are not lawfully required to buy a tax stamp or a concealed carry permit either, unless you are under employment contract and receiving pay to abide by restrictive firearms statutes, which are NOT laws.

America, like England, Australia, Canada, and Ireland are ‘Common Law Nations’, and you may do anything you damned well please as long as you are not harming another man or his property, and that includes owning/possessing an automatic weapon without having to purchase an extortion stamp, as well as openly (or concealed) carrying any firearm of your choice, anywhere you go, unless it is prohibited by Private Property Owners such as a local business, etc.

Remember, the Plaintiff MUST appear and verify his claim. The STATE OF TEXAS cannot take the stand and verify the complaint (false claim), and the D.A. cannot verify the claim either, as you did not harm HIM or HIS personal property, therefore he is filing false claims against you, and that is a very big NO-NO in Law that can cost him his house; his automobile; his retirement fund; his freedom if a Jury sees fit. The D.A. cannot verify a claim on his or his plaintiff’s behalf because he himself has no first hand knowledge of anything his plaintiff is claiming, so all he can do is file a complaint on his plaintiff’s behalf. He can on the other hand CERTIFY the complaint, because he’s the one who drafted it, but anyone can certify something is on a piece of paper, just as a Notary certifies a document, but she cannot VERIFY anything on it because she herself has no first hand knowledge of anything on the document, therefore all she can do is certify she witnessed the document, but certifying something and verifying something are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT ANIMALS

A living man must show up in court and VERIFY you have caused him or his personal property, harm, injury, or loss. If there is no man, there is no controversy, and if there is no controversy, what the fuck are we doing here today?

Remember also…

Trinsey v Pagliaro, D.C.Pa. 1964, 229 F.Supp. 647. “Statements of counsel in brief or in argument are not facts before the court and are therefore insufficient for a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment.”

They make BILLIONS of dollars every year filing COMPLAINTS against people who do not know the law and do not know the difference between as silly ‘criminal complaint’ and an actual claim.

In closing: You may own, possess, buy, sell, any weapon or weapons accessory (including fully automatic weapons, silencers, mini-guns, tanks, etc.) you can afford, and you are NOT lawfully required to ask anyone from any gov’t agencies permission to do so, nor you are required by law to purchase a permit to do so, either. As long as you are not harming your fellow man, no actual law has been broken, and the STATE OF*** cannot take the stand and verify harm because the STATE is not a living man.

If you’d like to learn more about how to defend your Rights against rogue Gov’t agents and their Agencies by countering their complaints with claims, I’d suggest you get to YouTube and look up ‘Karl Lentz Common Law’.

Here is Karl explaining what it means to file an actual claim against the prosecuting attorney’s silly and frivolous complaint in the comment section below:

And if you’d like to learn REAL and actual LAW of this Land and how to defend yourself against gov’t agents, this would be a good place to start:

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  1. Being as The BAR Members, and “Elected Officials as” are in Violation of the Original 13th Amendment to The 1789 Bill of Rights, and they Create the FICTIONAL ENTITIES, They should freely, and willing fully submit their Oaths, and Bonding Agents Info on Demand, RIGHT?? “Motu Proprio says so”

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