Traffic Stop Script by Trent Goodbaudy

"That which is Free cannot ALSO be that which is governed." One is free. Or one is not free.
That which is Free cannot ALSO be that which is governed.
One is free. Or one is not free.

Memorize this traffic stop script for your next police encounter!??


The first (and biggest) step is to get your mind right. Then it won’t matter what they try to throw at you, you will know how to counter every attack. Spend ample time learning and practicing BEFORE manifesting any of this outwardly. You need to have confidence, and knowledge provides this confidence, then the combination of the knowledge and confidence will guide what you manifest externally. My goal is to be honorable, I want to give them proper notice, and I want to make a record of everything just like I am gathering evidence for a lawsuit.

Remember: To stay in common law your entity must be from common law. A wo/man cannot act in commerce. It runs entities but never is an entity.

DONT EVEN TRY THIS WITH ANY TYPE OF STATE PLATE ON YOUR CAR, they have been trained to believe that any car with a public brand (state plate) is also public property (meaning it is their property). You cannot be double minded it is all or nothing. You cannot give them evidence that shows you have contracted with the state.

DO NOT GET EMOTIONAL except for filling yourself with love. Use the golden rule:??Dont think of others as an enemy or competition think of others as YOUR alternate self. Do you love yourself? Then treat both your-self AND your alternate-selves like it. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. We are all one.This is the ONLY way that we will be able to conclude peace.

First off, always find a safe place to pull over NOT ON THE SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY (A church parking lot is best). Always greet the officer in a friendly manner and ask them for their name and badge number (you may remind them that Officer is a title and not their name if you want), and then continue using the following:

(Im gonna boil it down to one question on my next encounter (that is if I decide to speak at all).)

The question is:

Do you have probable cause to believe that I have committed a crime involving a victim; because if you do I would like you to articulate that to me , otherwise this is an unlawful detention and I have no obligation to provide you with anything and I should be free to go on my way Right? ~ Trent Goodbaudy

There are a few more appropriate questions you can ask for example; if??they ask for any documentation from you ask them if they plan on using any of it against you in court. And if they want to give you a citation, ask Are you authorized to NEGOTIATE a FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT????When they ask: What is your name? it would be fair to ask: Are you asking me legally or lawfully? His answer: Legally. Your response: Please show me where I am legally required to have a NAME or better yet, where is the law which states that I am lawfully required to have a NAME? They will likely respond with: I do not understand. and in that case, all I would want to know is which one of those corporate officers has a CLAIM against me? If they have a claim; they will have no problem articulating it, and if NOT they need to leave me the hell alone. NEVER make statements! If you must make a statement, make it a non-rebuttable statement. If you don’t know what that is please check out my short $.99 ebook that will explain it beautifully. You can get it by clicking on this sentence (plus MANY other GREAT tools to assist you).

The other strategy that you can use is when the agent asks for “License, insurance, and registration…” ask if he plans on using any of those against you in court, and it doesn’t even matter what his answer to that question is because then you tell him that in order for him to get anything from you, he is going to have to perform a warrantless search and siezure to get it because you are not going to give him anything (testify against yourself). Then if he takes anything from you, you can have any of that evidence excluded using the courts own exclusionary rule.

If you are still not getting anywhere, ask for a supervisor and then shut the hell up except to repeat the same thing to the supervisor.

Important notes to remember:

  • To detain is to arrest. Look it up in Blacks Law, in fact here you go read and learn.

Detain To retain as the possession of personalty. To arrest, to check, to delay, to hinder, to hold, or keep in custody, to retard, to restrain from proceeding, to stay, to stop. People v. Smith, 17 Cal.App.2d 468, 62 P.2d 436, 438; State v. King, 303 S.W.2d 930, 934.
See Confinement; Custody.

  • Ask, no DEMAND them to articulate their probable cause, otherwise it is an unlawful detention. By the way, it is not a crime to refuse to give the cops ANYTHING unless you have victimized someone.??WE ARE KINGS! NOT SLAVES!??The Fourth Amendment originally enforced the notion that ???each man???s home is his castle???, secure from unreasonable searches and seizures of property by the government. It protects against arbitrary arrests, and is the basis of the law regarding search warrants, stop-and-frisk, safety inspections, wiretaps, and other forms of surveillance, as well as being central to many other criminal law topics and to privacy law.

Amendment IV The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  • If they say you fit the description of someone who they are looking for make them produce the report number and prove it.
  • If you don’t already have one or three get a dashcam. Cameras help you create a record. Tell them that the video is streaming live to YouTube (they are likely too dumb to know better if you aren’t live streaming).
  • Get Cell 411 so that you can call for REAL help. It also has a live video streaming feature if you have signal.??
  • Be prepared because corporate POLICYMEN have little to no knowledge of de jure law or law enforcement and they do not understand the unalienable and imprescriptable Rights of the American people in the fifty states either. Most have no idea what their own state and federal constitutions say nor do they understand what actual laws they are supposed to be enforcing in the first place.

Police officers in America are not doing their job and they probably never will. They seem to exhibit minimal knowledge of law and law enforcement. They are tyrants and just an extension of political aims for ill-gotten gains, theft within the special maritime jurisdiction, piracy and extortion. Police are Corporate Revenue Collection Officers who are para-military trained to kill and take your unalienable Right to do something, away from you. The??American Gestapo are protected by the foreign BAR attorneys as officers of the corporate commercial court systems. The so-called courts are operating in bankruptcy and the police are an extension of those private tribunals to enforce the bankruptcy (and collect $) against what are deemed corporate US citizens. You are tried as a corporation.

Think about this: There is not any legitimate job you can have where you act in the capacity as a domestic terrorist with a corporate badge to get away with it. Police officers are domestic and do not possess lawful venue and jurisdiction. The American people in the fifty states are all non-domestic.


  1. A police officer is not doing his/her job when they initiate threat, duress and coercion at automobile stops and take people’s Rights away if they don’t waive them during a corporate administrative proceeding on the side of the road.
  2. A COP is not doing his/her job when they step on State and federal constitutions and commit high treason against the Constitution for these united states of America.
  3. A police officer is not doing their job when they operate under State statutory color of law and make legal determinations contrary to the forty-three Supreme Court decisions regarding the right to travel, right of way, right of free passage. Police officers will take away your right to travel on the postal rural routes of passage in a private automobile for non-commercial purposes.
  4. Police will violate our Right to locomotion to travel freely, safely and unencumbered for such non-commercial purposes as ordinary travel, recreation or pleasure in any given day.
  5. Police are not doing their job when they rip off your car or make criminal conversions and fraudulent conveyances (tow/impound) of private property over to the financial benefit of third parties without our consent.
  6. COPS break the law when they force you and intimidate you into surrendering your persons, houses, papers and effects and implement para-military trained Gestapo style tactics to force you to bear false witness against yourself.
  7. COPS are not doing their job when they are in contempt of the current Chapter eleven reorganization bankruptcy of the United States, violate public policy and try to steal your labor.
  8. Police are not doing their job when they force you into commerce, force you to CONTRACT with them (against your will), write a SECURITY (commercial traffic ticket) absent a public hazard or surety bond (violation of the SEC Act of 1933/1934 -Secureties and Exchange Commission) while acting in the public.
  9. A police officer is not doing their job when they cite a FICTIONAL State statute, practice law without a license and act in the capacity as PROSECUTOR, executioner, judge and jury over the lives of innocent men and women within the fifty-states.
  10. Police are not doing their job when they waste tax payer dollars protecting State and municipal property and the financial assets of STATE corporations and their crooked politicians.

Since when does a POLICE OFFICER within the several states for the union of fifty-states, ever do their job as it was originally intended and for the protection of the of the Rights of men and women? As most Americans will agree, the police do not work for the people anymore. They are predatory, dishonest, liars and are quite possibly more dangerous to our liberties (as a free people) than standing armies.

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