I was a few miles east of Chiloquin Oregon in the woods getting some rest when I was rudely awakened by gunshots. I got out of there because I didn’t want to hang out. Then I was followed, and you will never guess what happened??? (Wait for it…)

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These videos are from my dual channel dashcam blackbox with GPS available here ( I have traveled thousands of miles up and down the west coast this year without incident and I want to tell you that you can do it too. All it takes is some courage and some patience, they have us all controlled through our on fears. I walk with God though, so I have no fear. Actually, God rides shotgun with me because I am on a mission to help people learn how to attain liberty and happiness, while living their life.

The Republic is NOT Dead! Everyone has OPTED out!

For those of you that need “cold hard proof” that you have been defrauded, deceived, tricked, coerced, robbed, trespassed against, and victimized by the for-profit, defacto, corporate UNITED STATES plantation; have a look at this postcard I received today. Notice how it has no “stamp” yet it reached me just fine with apparently no postage due. Also, notice the included note in blue that was a message to me… I am honored if I helped him with his paperwork… but he was the one who had to do the heavy lifting (in other words no one can stand for your rights BUT you). Not “within”, but “without the UNITED STATES”.

If you never even try to stand up, how will you ever know what true freedom tastes like. I will tell you right now that there is a whole world that you have likely never known, but it is not too late to reclaim what is yours. There is no statute of limitations on fraud.

Postcard I received today.
Postcard I received today.

If you are a registered voter, you have volunteered to be enfranchised into the corporation. You need to let them know that you are not a US citizen (unless you were born in DC), because you are a Citizen of the state of the union in which you domicile (not reside). You know, the union of American states where each state in the republic was given the status of it’s own nation. You may be a little confused at this point. Keep reading to find out more. I will let Merle take it from here:

The court cases that I include below fortify the fact that U.S. citizens are “resident aliens” within their states of the Union that compose the Republic. I am also convinced that a foreign U.S. citizen of D.C. accepts citizenship in the corporate structure that operates within his state of the Union such as the 1857 “State of Iowa” that operates within the borders of the 1846 state called Iowa.

To lawfully achieve total freedom under common law, U.S. citizens have to wake up to the fact that they are citizens of “a sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations” such as red China and they are definitely not Citizens in the Republic consisting of the United States meaning “the collective name of the states which are united by and under the Constitution” . Under English common law you are a citizen of the country in which you were born for life (in my case Iowa) and you can never ever expatriate from your country in which you were born and you have no choice in the matter. Under the government’s Roman Civil law you can freely expatriate from your country of Michigan and voluntarily choose to become a citizen of any foreign jurisdiction if that jurisdiction will accept you as its citizen. The common law exists in the states while the Supreme Court has stated in Erie Railroad v. Thompkins that there is no federal general common law. The Supreme Court has also opined as follows:

The term “United States” may be used in any one of several senses. It may be merely the name of a sovereign occupying the position analogous to that of other sovereigns in the family of nations. It may designate the territory over which the sovereignty of the United States extends, or it may be the collective name of the states which are united by and under the Constitution. HOOVEN & ALLISON CO. v. EVATT, 324 U.S. 652 (1945): and

“The people of the United States resident within any State are subject to two governments: one State, and the other National; . . . . . The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government. He owes allegiance to the two departments, so to speak, and within their respective spheres must pay the penalties which each exacts for disobedience to its laws. ” U S v. CRUIKSHANK, 92 U.S. 542

This means the U.S. citizen has “voluntarily submitted himself” into being a foreign U.S. citizen and “subject” to two governments under Roman civil law. The Declaration of Independence says “deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” U.S. citizens born in the states voluntarily provide consent for their just powers and don’t even realize their subject status by their citizenship in D.C. Continue reading “The Republic is NOT Dead! Everyone has OPTED out!”

Resident vs Native

Four (4) Classes of Citizenship in America
Four (4) Classes of Citizenship in America
Four (4) Classes of Citizenship in America

1. Oregonian (State Citizen, highest form, on the land by right, owns land (home), not property (resident). Right to do all except violate another mans rights. Inhabits land that is private, land not owned by United States) Property is that which one has a right to, not ownership of. Property tax is different than a land tax.

2. Resident = Resident Alien (An alien residing on the land by permission.) All “state” license require proof of residency. Taking a license waives rights held by the Oregonian.

3. United States citizen of right 1790 to 1868, (Pre 14th Amendment citizen)

4. 14th Amendment State citizen from 1868 to present. Inferior to all of the above.

(( citizen = subject of a citi, citi is a body politic (unified group of people) ))

Three *proverbial states in America are?

Below are three of the main “state” distinctions one should be aware of.

–1. *state Oregon = the land that is within the exterior boundaries of what we call the *territory of Nebraska.  This “state” term is a noun.  This state is presently occupied by Nebraskans (native by right).

–2. *state of Oregon (legally styled as – STATE OF OREGON) = a created entity, part of the perpetual union, created by chartered permission pursuant to the United States Constitution.  This “state” term is a noun.  This *state consists of resident aliens.  Resident aliens are not classed as native; they reside only by permission and are governed by the Federal Congress and State Legislative written law.

–3. United States *state = a created entity, created pursuant to the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation (legally styled as The United States of America), and the North West Ordinance.  A tool for the Confederacies needs.

So if asked; are you a state citizen, ask which state?

If asked for a resident address; reply by saying do you have any evidence that I am a resident of any state.

Resident is not a location it is a class of privilege, a class that state jurisdiction governs entirely.

US courts have clearly identified the differences in association (contract), and citizenship, of the various states.

One can live in Oregon as a native or as a resident.

A native is by right, a resident is of permission.

Natives are governed by the people’s state of law.

Residents are governed by the state entities that the native people allow to operate on the same land.

A “resident” is a subject to US, state, written law.

A “native” is subject to God’s law.

A resident does business (travel, etc.) as a granted privileges of the state.

A native does business (travel etc.) by grant, permission, of God.

When one gets a state drivers license he is presumed to be a resident of Oregon and thus governed by the state, an alien, not a native.  No one can get a state drivers license without signing a document that they are a resident in/of that given state.  Natives need no such license for they have a right to the open highways of Oregon

Such license is only considered *prima-facie evidence of residency and can be rebutted because residency is a contract and no contract is valid if a right is given up without full disclosure.

Learn more about maintaining independence (contract avoidance) from any deceptive “state” near you.

I recommend having little association with godless states.

NOTE – A 14th Amendment citizen is vastly different than a “state” citizen, and both of those are vastly different that a Oregon “native” citizen.




*pro·ver·bi·al, adjective

5.  having become an object of common mention or reference:

**state, noun

1.  the condition of a thing, as with respect to attributes

*state, adjective

15.  of or pertaining to the central civil government or authority.

16.  made, maintained, or chartered by or under the authority of one of the commonwealths that make up a federal union:  

*prima-facie evidence – evidence / facts considered to be true until controverted.

Cop says “NOT FOR HIRE” defense is a reality.

A friend of mine went in arguing an aggressive “no cargo, no passenger” exception and he is approached by a Police Officer after the hearing.

Officer told my friend in secret that if you are traveling and get pulled over we are suppose to let you go as soon as you announce that you are not for hire.  He said that every state legislature has early bills that clearly state the “for hire” requirement to invoke the motor vehicle code.  He then added that the statutes, which are not law, just reference to law, has conveniently removed /dropped the “offered to the public for hire” language.

My friend has won every ticket of no plate, no registration, no insurance, no operator license for the last several years. My friend wants to remain anonymous and wants to keep the Officer as a confidant.

I have recently tried to enter a Nebraska 1905 bill that said just that into a trafic case of mine the judge denied the exhibit, so now I am going back the the State archives and get a certified copy of the original bill, he will be forced to accept that evidence, as a matter of law.  They gave me 90 days, and they know I won my case, stay tuned.

I, Paul John Hansen, recently put a Not FOR HIRE plate on my motorcycle and just last week a cop pulled up read it and then pulled around me and went on his way.

The whole story will come soon.

(( It is believed that even if you have a state plate, by placing a “NOT FOR HIRE” below it takes you out of the scope of the Vehicle Statutes and Municipal Codes.  This is yet to be tested. ))

by Paul John Hansen Source:


The only way the state can use the motor vehicle code is under the US commerce clause, if one is not putting an extra demand on the road or carrying freight or passengers (for hire), the state can not lawfully act upon you. Since time immemorial man has had the right to travel in the mode of the time, for whatever reason he has, to where he wants to go. Your rights under the creator are what you say they are, as long as you do not infringe on the rights of others. You will be deemed as self responsible and willing to accept all commercial liability for any of your actions, the rules of the road are a general guideline, and one should try to follow them.

See this article for case law and supreme court opinions.

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The STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. PUBLIC [illegal possession of]

Special thanks to Seiko Seven for this information.

Note: Take a second to notice who the plaintiff is in the photo attached to this article … That photo has nothing to do with anything other than to show you what a criminal ‘complaint’ looks like where a prosecutor is bringing forth false claims against a ‘man’ by filing complaints in court that no living man can actually take the stand and verify. The ‘United States of America’ is not a living man.

If you feel this Notice could be of benefit to you, feel free to use it – or don’t. It has been successful at making five cases disappear in a puff of smoke, thus far. Simply trying to help my fellow Patriots in this brutal game of government interference of our Rights by sharing strategies that have been effective to this point when dealing with gov’t agencies/agents who insist on interfering with the Rights of man.

Edit: As of November 2, 2015 the Notice has been successful at making 6 cases vanish from Pacer without a trace – gone – poof – never happened.

Anytime a prosecuting attorney is bringing charges against you for anything pertaining to a code or statute violation such as those found in US Codes or State Statutes, he is operating under the presumption that you are one of that corporation’s own internal employees who is contractually obligated to abide by those internal statutes. It is a con, and they make billions of dollars every year off of unsuspecting Americans because we don’t know the difference between a criminal complaint and an actual claim.

I explain this in more detail here:
The 2nd Amendment Isn’t Under Attack, You Just Don’t Understand The Difference Between Statutes and Laws

If you are not employed by that corporation, such as the ‘IRS’, or the ‘CITY OF GALVESTON’, or the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’, or the ‘UNITED STATES’, and being compensated to abide by that corporation’s internal rules/codes/statutes/regulations, they simply do not apply to you, as Slavery and Involuntary Servitude are against the Law on American soil (see Amendment XIII), and no man may compel performance (force him to abide by internal corporate statutes) from another man, without fairly and justly compensating that man for his performance.

Gov’t employees have signed into an employment contract to hold those gov’t jobs, and they are being compensated to abide by that corporation’s internal statutes, but you and I are not, therefore, they simply do not apply to us.

Yes, it is a nationwide con that has been ongoing for years. It is how they control society under corporate statutes; it is how they interfere with your Rights; it is how they make billions of dollars due to our ignorance of the Law; it is how they incarcerate us for victimless crimes where there is no injured party.

Anytime a prosecutor brings forth a criminal complaint against you, it reads like this:

STATE OF TEXAS vs John Q. Public [illegal possession of cannabis oil, marijuana, automatic weapons, etc.]

If he had an actual claim, it would read like this:

Bob T. Jones II vs John Q. Public (Bob being the prosecutor himself in his capacity as a man).

He’s filing a complaint on behalf of some entity that goes by that name (STATE OF TEXAS), but he has no verifiable claim because nothing you may have done harmed HIM or his property, and he cannot produce his Plaintiff to point you out across the courtroom and say,

“That man sitting right over there caused me harm by his failure to file an income tax form, or his failure to obtain a concealed carry permit, or his possession of cannabis oil, etc.”

He’s only complaining, because gov’t cannot bring forth actual claims against man because man created gov’t. All they can do is complain if you are not an employee of that agency who is being compensated to abide by that agencies internal-corporate statutes. But his complaints are causing you harm; they are harming your good name within your community; they are depriving you of your property without due process of law, and they are wasting your very valuable time, money, and resources having to deal with a complaint that no one can take the stand and verify in open court.

Therefore, the prosecutor is filing false claims against his fellow man, and that is an unlawful act in which he most certainly can be held accountable.

To use this Notice in an existing case,

Just replace ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ with ‘IRS’ or ‘CITY OF GALVESTON’, or ‘CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES’, or ‘UNITED STATES’, etc. depending on your specific situation. If there is no property involved and it’s just some prosecutor attempting to bring you up on criminal complaint for something (anything), just take out the parts having to do with property.

Handwrite the Notice and make COPIES of the Notice. You’ll want to enter a COPY into the prosecutor’s case, not the original, as doing so would be surrendering your property to the court. You want to keep the original so they cannot alter it in any way shape or form. The only body that may hold and verify the original would be a Jury of your Peers. You have to be very vigilant in protecting your property (claims and notices) when dealing with these courts and prosecutors; if they can change or alter it in anyway to get themselves off the hook, bet your ass they will do just that. Protect yourself and only enter a COPY into their case so they know you still possess the original if they decide to trespass on your property by altering it in any way-shape or form.

Court Clerks are notorious for changing claims into complaints without your knowledge, so stay vigilant like emoticon

Remember: America is STILL a Common Law Nation (as is Canada, England, Australia, and a few others). Common Law is unwritten Law – It is nowhere to be found in codes/statutes/rules/regulations. Basically, you can do anything you damned well please as long as you are not harming your fellow man or his property, and you have the right to face your accuser (see Article VI) and settle with him on the private side before it goes public if for some reason you DO trespass on your fellow [wo]man.


If the prosecutor is stating the ‘IRS’, or the ‘STATE OF IDAHO’, etc. is the Plaintiff, then make the Son-of-a-Bitch put his Plaintiff on the witness stand so you may cross examine him and compensate him for any harm you may have caused him or his personal property by your failure to file paperwork, or failure to obtain a concealed carry permit, or failure to obtain a Class III weapons tax stamp, or possession of marijuana, etc. If he can’t produce the Plaintiff (the Plaintiff MUST Appear), then sue his ass for filing false claims against you and take his house or retirement fund. Someone (a living wo[man]) has to show up and verify the harm.

Here is the Notice:

” i: a man; require the STATE OF TEXAS to show up and verify his/her claim against me so i may cross examine my accuser (the plaintiff must appear) and compensate him/her for any harm i may have caused. If this man/woman that goes by the name ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ cannot show up to verify his/her claim, i require this matter immediately discharged. It is my belief there is no man/woman named ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ who can verify this claim by uttering with his/her voice I’ve done wrong or caused him/her personal harm, injury, or loss, therefore pressing it upon the record in open court. It is also my belief, that someone is filing complaints (false claims) on behalf of this entity known as the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ in an attempt to unjustly enrich themselves and the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ (whoever those individuals may be) and deprive me of my property without due process of law. If this matter is not immediately discharged, i will be requiring leave of court so i may bring a proper and verifiable claim before the court to address this trespass against me in the proper venue-a court of record (trespasses being: filing false claims, barratry, extortion, malicious prosecution, unjust enrichment, theft, robbery, etc.), in which i will be requiring compensation for the trespasses and wasting my valuable time, money, and resources having to deal with this complaint, as i do not have time to answer complaints without compensation at this time. If there is an actual verifiable claim before the court, i will be more than happy to show up free of charge and address any proper and verifiable claim against me. i also require and order the immediate restoration of my property (see Exhibit A) and one dollar per second from the commencement of the crime till my property is restored – your name here.’

Note: If there is no theft/robbery of property involved, just leave that out of the Notice. Property is anything you enjoy exclusive Right to. If it is a CPS case involving children, you use the word property, not ‘children’. The STATE has no control over property, but they do have control over words they use in their statutes such as ‘child’, ‘infant’, ‘children’, ‘motor vehicle’, ‘marijuana’, ‘automatic weapons’, ‘firearms’, ‘land’, ‘homes’, ‘bicycles’, etc. You always want to use that word ‘property’, period! And ‘Exhibit A’ should be a photo of the property attached to the back of your Notice; a photocopy of that property is fine.

Either someone can show up and VERIFY the claim by pressing it upon the record in open court, or there is no case, period. The prosecutor cannot verify the claim because he has no first hand knowledge, and nothing you may have done caused harm, injury, or loss to himself or his property.

Simply put, he’s filing false claims to unjustly enrich himself, and this entity known as the ‘STATE OF TEXAS’, or ‘IRS’, or ‘UNITED STATES’, etc. You’re letting the man/woman who’s prosecuting this case against you know, that if they don’t discharge this nonsense before the next hearing, you are going to stop the next hearing in its tracks by saying “i require leave of court so I may bring a proper and verifiable claim against YOU for filing false claims against me, and I will be requiring compensation for the trespasses.

Your claim supercedes his silly complaint. You can verify your claim, but he cannot verify the complaint, as he himself has no first hand knowledge, and nothing you may have done caused harm, injury, or loss to himself or his property, and he cannot produce his Plaintiff because there is no man named ‘STATE OF TEXAS’ who can take the stand and verify the complaint, either.

Court is a place for man to settle claims, not complaints.

You’ll want to enter that Notice into an existing case they have against you. If the prosecutor doesn’t discharge/dismiss the case after reading that Notice, he’s calling your bluff. When you get to the hearing, simply keep your mouth shut and keep referring the judge back to your Notice anytime he’s asks you questions because he’s more than likely trying to pull you out of the Common Law and back into their jurisdiction (control).

If they insist on continuing or ignoring you, then do what you said you would do in the Notice and REQUIRE (to demand by right and by authority) leave of court for a few days so you can perfect your actual claim against the prosecutor and drag his ass into court as a defendant for filing false claims against you. Because the compensation you will be requiring for the trespass shall exceed twenty dollars, you’ll be able to drag him into a trial by jury (see Article VII) as a defendant for filing false claims against you that no Plaintiff showed up to verify.

If a prosecutor is claiming the ‘UNITED STATES’ is the Plaintiff in his suit against you, then for the love of God make him produce his Plaintiff so you may cross examine your accuser. Article VI guarantees you that right (that Right predates the Constitution). He can’t produce the Plaintiff, because the ‘UNITED STATES’ is not a living man who can utter with his voice you’ve done wrong and caused him personal harm, injury, or loss ….. and this is how you call them out on it and hold them personally accountable for filing false claims against you.

In order for their to be a controversy for a judge to hear, there MUST be a living man or woman willing to take the stand and VERIFY harm, injury, or loss you may have caused. If no living man or woman can take the stand, then there is NO CONTROVERSY, and what the hell are you doing there?

If there is no [wo]man willing to take the stand and VERIFY that YOU have caused them or their property, harm, injury, or loss, then there is no controversy; if there is no controversy, there is no jurisdiction of ANY court; or ANY judge to ever entertain the case, because there is no case.

A corporation such as the UNITED STATES or the STATE OF TEXAS cannot take the stand, it is a fictitious-corporate entity created by man. It does not speak; it does not eat; it does not drink; it cannot bring forth a claim against a living man, period.

Here’s Karl Lentz explaining the concept of filing a claim against their complaint in the comment section below. Listen to the entire 4 minutes, you’ll be glad you did.

And if you’d like to learn REAL and actual LAW of this Land and how to defend yourself against gov’t agents, this would be a good place to start:

And if the ‘gov’t’ were to pay off/coerce some other citizen claiming you’ve done that person harm (to trap you and get a conviction) then that person has to verify the complaint; verify the harm, injury, or loss, by showing up to court; taking the stand under Oath or Affirmation and present you a bill of particulars for their medical bills; prescriptions; loss of work; mental stress (psychologist bill), etc. so you may have the opportunity to compensate them for your trespasses, if indeed they can VERIFY anything they ‘say’ you actually did caused them or their personal property harm, injury, or loss wink emoticon

I’ve heard of prosecutors paying off little old ladies; offer to pay off their IRS bills, or property taxes, etc. to testify against a man to convince a jury you’re a REAL BAD MAN that needs to be locked away because you punched her; raped her, or some other bullshit claim, and threaten her if she doesn’t that she’ll lose her house and little dog ‘jo-jo’. These crooks are ruthless, don’t let them pin you down without someone taking the stand to actually VERIFY the harm, injury, or loss.

Remember: A Court of Record ONLY proceeds under Common Law. If not you are an ‘Idiot’ with regards to their legalese-statutory horseshit, and you are ONLY there to settle any VERIFIABLE claim another man has brought forth against you. If there is no man (an actual plaintiff) who can take the stand to verify harm, injury, or loss, then there is no controversy; if there is no controversy, there is no jurisdiction of any court to even entertain the case wink emoticon

Here you will here Gus evoking Common Law in his Felony Possession of Firearm Hearing. He keeps repeating “I’m here to settle any claim’, and finally the Judged decides to take a recess because he knows there is no plaintiff, and he knows Gus is putting him in somewhat of a pinch by invoking Common Law, and he has no answer other than to take a recess.