Beware the Sleeping Giant!

The sleeping giant is awakening….one human being at a time. Call them “CITIZENS”; Call them “WE THE PEOPLE”; Call them “SOVEREIGNS”; Call them the “MASSES”. Call them what you wish. It wont change the fact the PEOPLE are starting to realize they are being used and abused by those who have the power. The Unalienable Rights which the people were born with, granted to them at birth, by their Creator are being trampled upon and changed from Rights to Privileges. Rather one believes that Creator to be a God or nature is unimportant. What is important is the People are awakening to what is happening to them, (us), by the train loads and they are saying: “I am not going to allow this to happen to me, my family or any other human being as long as I have breath to fight it!” Some are even going to jail for long stints in an attempt to change things in the direction in which they should be, (Google Dean Clifford, for one). Many are fighting in the courts and WINNING! Yes, my friends, the SLEEPING GIANT IS AWAKENING AND THAT GIANT IS US! USE YOUR RIGHTS, OR LOSE YOUR RIGHTS.

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