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Welcome to the Freedom from Government’s channel 200th video! Today I have a special treat for you, I am going to cruise the Las Vegas strip with PRIVATE tags, NO LICENSE, REGISTRATION, or INSURANCE! If you want to learn more about WHY (for example) these government documents are not only a pain and expensive to obtain and maintain, but learn how you actually give up your property when you register it and put “state plates” on it by visiting http://freedomfromgovernment.org . Stop being a voluntary victim!

Also see http://commonlawschool.org to learn how to handle traffic stops and court (plus MUCH MORE). And seehttp://shop.freedomfromgovernment.org for the private tags, “I’m NOT TALKING” stickers, and “EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS” cards, along with many other items like dash-cams, spycams, books, and more!

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A comment I received on my Facebook page.
A comment I received on my Facebook page.

Right to Travel Honored AGAIN! TWICE!

I was shown the following YouTube video and I was so impressed by it that I had to share it on the website. He brings up MANY great points! I am impressed by his level of knowledge. He says to just call up the D.A. and ask him if he knows that he is breaking the law, and that he is likely incurring a personal liability and the case disappears.

I also really like these tags! I would be careful if you have tags with the words “Private Property” on them. “Property” that is not owned by United States is property which one has a right to, not ownership of. If you are going to use these words, you need to be able to explain which definitions you are using. This also goes for citing any government “codes” or “statutes” on them. Don’t do it. We are not even allowed to use their codes, only remind them that they are their rules. I do offer these tags in the Freedom from Government store.

Not for hire. For NON-Commercial use only
Not for hire. For NON-Commercial use only

It never hurts to learn more about maintaining independence (contract avoidance) from any deceptive “state” near you.

The entire video is well worth watching, but you can skip to about 7 minutes and 30 seconds in the video below to see the two sheriff’s cruisers pass.

Video by Nagol Bud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu0hooi3VDw

I also saw this video by psychokid 23 recently and it made me smile to see another new person doing this. Are YOU ready to break free yet?

Video by psychokid 23: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtiXsAU_WX8

Who are the good guys?

The painful truth about order followers.
The painful truth about order followers.

The old joke about Westerns was that you could always tell who the good guys were because, like the Lone Ranger, they wore white hats.

But as I grew older I realized that, in real life, the good guys in law enforcement and in the military are the guys who actually acknowledge a standard for right and wrong and then live up to that standard. In the military, the good soldier believes in God and so he takes his oath before God seriously as he swears to uphold the Constitution of these united States.

His oath is NOT an oath to obey just any command or order but only those commands and orders that are consistent with God’s law and are authorized by the Constitution – the supreme law of the land.

This leads me to ask the following: If “We the People” of these united States have not, through our elected representatives in Congress, declared war since WWII, then how can we lawfully send armed troops to Korea, or to Vietnam, or to the Persian Gulf, or to Grenada, or to Iraq, or to Afghanistan, or Libya?

In each of these cases, didn’t the President, as Commander in Chief, violate the Constitution? And if he is violating the Constitution, aren’t those in uniform also violating their oaths?

Now before you say that they are just following orders and really don’t have a choice in the matter, please read the history of the Nuremberg trials, where the Nazi soldiers and judges and political leaders used the very same excuse. They were found guilty. And they were executed. Real military and law enforcement heroes follow the rule of law. They don’t break the law and then claim they were just following orders.

If thinking about this makes you mad, you are not alone.



Expressions of natural law.
The extent of natural law.
Natural law versus man's law.
Natural law versus man’s law.
Natural law expressions
Natural law expressions