By Douglas Joseph

Everything that has been created in commerce is fiction and I mean EVERYTHING. Because commerce is fictional, nothing within that commercial world can be real, including the statutes. To operate my business entity lawfully in commerce, I must use a “legal entity/legal name” that has been registered properly with the government entity that created that commercial fiction in the first place.

The law requires everyone do this, not just I. Very few if any do however and it is all due to ignorance of the law.

The law created in each and every state in the “United States” require this legal name registration and in California, it can be found in Section 17900 of the Business and Professions Code (Fictitious Business Name Statement). The government agency that generally registers all legal names in this state (in the United States) is the Secretary of State (SOS) but in California the County Clerk handles that duty under the auspice and authority of the SOS.

The document that I filed to register my legal name is called an “Assumed Name Certificate” (ANC) and I filed it with the SOS of Minnesota. This document is official and valid evidence proving that my business entity is properly registered with the SOS as the state requires to operate lawfully in commerce.

So then, what “legal name” used in commerce is everyone required to file?

The legal name/legal entity found within the creation of the “Certificate of Live Birth” which of course is also issued by the Secretary of State. By properly filing the ANC with the SOS, this provides my registered business entity a status of “Active and In Good Standing”.

This means my business entity can defend itself in court as well as sue other entities with standing. In essence, the ANC is the “game piece” that I use allowing me to conduct business lawfully in commerce while demonstrating that I am the living man that exists outside of that fictional Continue reading “EVERYTHING IN COMMERCE IS FICTION (ANC)”

Produce Your Oath, Or Be Disqualified. (Court Filing)

"Let's get you sworn in!" An oath is administered for EVERY public office. No Oath, no office. “Let’s get you sworn in!” An oath is administered for EVERY public office. No Oath, no office.

Everyone that works for government has to take an oath that is actually binding on their soul. Should they honor their oath? Do you know what the oath they swear to states? Is it to uphold and defend corporate policy and statute? I don’t think so, I’m pretty sure the oath is sworn to uphold and defend the “constitution” from all enemies, both foreign AND domestic.

With that said, don’t you think it is important that if you are being prosecuted by the (Federal, State or Local) government that the people doing the prosecuting and judging are fair, unbiased, and have no special incentives or ulterior motives that make them act a particular way or another?

I think that this is VERY important and that is why I am going to share with you one of my personal favorite demands that you should make on the court when facing prosecution a DEMAND TO PRODUCE OATH OF OFFICE (which you can copy and paste into your legal document as an exhibit to an affidavit or file it by itself. Continue reading “Produce Your Oath, Or Be Disqualified. (Court Filing)”