The 2nd Amendment Isn’t Under Attack, You Just Don’t Understand The Difference Between Statutes and Laws

Special thanks to Seiko Seven for this information.

United States Corporate Statutes vs Laws of the Land:

Internal Corporate Restrictive Firearms Statutes as found in U.S. Codes and State Statutes are enacted for Gov’t employees to abide by while they are on the clock so they cannot over power, with Arms, the American People while performing their jobs as ‘public servants’. Statutes are enacted to help run gov’t more efficiently and to keep restrictions on Gov’t employees, not the average American. Because of collective ignorance of the Law; the public fool system, and the gov’t owned media, they have used THEIR OWN internal statutes that are ONLY MEANT FOR THEM to control the rest of us and keep us equipped with less firepower than they themselves have available to secretly and overtly overthrow the American People without a single shot fired.

They add restrictive firearms statutes to THEIR CODES on a daily basis because they have hoodwinked us into believing the internal rules of their corporation, for their own employees that Obama is the CEO of, apply to you an I. We keep abiding by THEIR INTERNAL STATUTES because we’ve never been taught the difference, and it is working out very well in their favor to say the least. Since we keep abiding by THEIR Restrictive Firearms Statutes (only meant for gov’t employees), they keep adding more, more, and more, until eventually they will be the only one’s with guns while you and I are left with nothing more than sticks and stones.

Basically, they’ve pulled the ole switcheroo on us. They are enjoying the Rights of the People, while restricting the People with Internal Corporate Statutes that only apply to them.

This is how they are controlling society instead of SERVING SOCIETY, but the con is being exposed by people who know the Law and know the difference between internal corporate statutes and actual Rights of man.
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No Driver’s License, No Plates, Not Guilty

The following article was published in 2010 by a news station out of Omaha, Nebraska so I believe that it is biased against everyone who does not do what the rest of the sheep do. With that being said; they would have you believe that everyone loses every time, but it is simply not true.

We all need to take a moral evaluation of everything we do in our lives, and go with the “SPIRIT” of the law over “LETTER” of the law (I think I need to write another article about that in itself). Anyway here is the article –

Screencapture from WOWT 6 Omaha website headlines 10/20/2010
Screencapture from WOWT 6 Omaha website headlines 10/20/2010

A routine traffic ticket caused a Papillion man to draw a line in the legal sand. It’s a challenge of certain licensing laws that resulted in a surprising outcome in court.

“Motorist does not have a license plate on his vehicle,” said La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten. The driver of a car didn’t have plates or a license and he refuses to get either one.

“This is an unlawful stop, I believe,” said Ernest Kubr on the cruiser cam video.

“You don’t have license plates on your vehicle, sir,” said the officer.

“Am I required to?” asked Kubr. “It’s my property.”

Kubr surrendered his license last year and didn’t plate the car he purchased in September. “I pay all of the lawful taxes I’m obliged to pay, but a right cannot be licensed, taxed or registered.” Continue reading “No Driver’s License, No Plates, Not Guilty”

Freedom Essentials presentation by Trent Goodbaudy at ECETI ranch

Trent Goodbaudy is truly an AMAZING man, of incredible intelligence, who is out there on the front lines fighting for FREEDOM and educating us ALL (EVEN including the brainwashed police) about the natural rights of man on a DAILY basis — not only peacefully TRAVELING with his “Bait Cars” (of which one has now already been STOLEN by the so-called “authorities” in Clackamas County, Oregon —

— — and also educating Clatsop County “authorities,” as well — — but, too, with his numerous books on the subject of Freedom From Government, which, at last count, now total 5 (and constantly climbing):

Trent ALSO is a quite capable tutor who imparts needed extra knowledge to anyone having trouble with virtually any subject matter … and he has even helped ME (twice!) when I became stuck trying to learn and operate the video editing software, Final Cut Pro X, making short work of my own lightweight-minded video-editing challenge!

Trent’s philosophy and demeanor is beyond reproach. In this well-organized and concisely-presented FREEDOM ESSENTIALS lesson, Trent stresses, “We need to find peace. Like it, or not, agents of government are our brothers and sisters. It is time to find peace.” Mr. Goodbaudy adds: “Our strength comes from love — not from negative energy,” and asks the audience, “What is honor?” as well as “How do I act honorably?” and more important, “How do I act as king?” The key is PRACTICE, he says, and concludes by urging us ALL to: “De-register, divest, withdraw all support from the war-machine, because it’s being going on for too long . . . ” and also, to “Tell someone.” — and then: “Feel the power of true freedom!” ~ Max

Who are the good guys?

The painful truth about order followers.
The painful truth about order followers.

The old joke about Westerns was that you could always tell who the good guys were because, like the Lone Ranger, they wore white hats.

But as I grew older I realized that, in real life, the good guys in law enforcement and in the military are the guys who actually acknowledge a standard for right and wrong and then live up to that standard. In the military, the good soldier believes in God and so he takes his oath before God seriously as he swears to uphold the Constitution of these united States.

His oath is NOT an oath to obey just any command or order but only those commands and orders that are consistent with God’s law and are authorized by the Constitution – the supreme law of the land.

This leads me to ask the following: If “We the People” of these united States have not, through our elected representatives in Congress, declared war since WWII, then how can we lawfully send armed troops to Korea, or to Vietnam, or to the Persian Gulf, or to Grenada, or to Iraq, or to Afghanistan, or Libya?

In each of these cases, didn’t the President, as Commander in Chief, violate the Constitution? And if he is violating the Constitution, aren’t those in uniform also violating their oaths?

Now before you say that they are just following orders and really don’t have a choice in the matter, please read the history of the Nuremberg trials, where the Nazi soldiers and judges and political leaders used the very same excuse. They were found guilty. And they were executed. Real military and law enforcement heroes follow the rule of law. They don’t break the law and then claim they were just following orders.

If thinking about this makes you mad, you are not alone.



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Natural law versus man’s law.
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