Don’t “Lose the Name”… ASSUME THE NAME!

Everyone keeps talking about “losing” the name, giving up money, and blaming all kinds of inanimate objects for their trouble, when in reality it is not the inanimate objects that are causing your trouble… it is how those inanimate objects are used. Would you attempt to claim securities that someone else owns and has stashed away in their vault? Then why would you claim a birth certificate security?

It is not the birth certificate that is the problem, the problem is that you think it is you. It is not you. It never was you. It will never BE you. So stop acting like it IS you. If there is a birth “bond”, it is invalid ab initio for fraud because you did not have the mental facilities or capacity to even enter into a bond at that point in your existence.

The Constitution that so many clamor to has a clause that you need to understand, and that is if you OPERATE IN COMMERCE, the CONSTITUTION allows for regulation of your activities as it pertains to dealing with the foreign (corporate) nation. Read Article I, section 8, clause 3. Here… see for yourself.

Do you act in commerce? Do you use dollars? You DO realize that the contract is “federal” or “by agreement” and you agree to their terms just by using dollars to make purchases. But like naive children we never even bother to learn the rules to the game, we just belligerently act in fraud and then continue to act in fraud throughout our entire lives. This has become even worse since the advent of television, which has successfully filled the majority of the population with a bunch of bull puckey to replace critical thought and the knowledge that used to be handed down from parents to their children. Today’s children are sat down in front of a television by their parents instead of being taught how to actually exist in this world.

You want to “lose the name” and stop using money? Financial freedom is one of the most important freedoms, without financial stability NONE OF YOUR OTHER FREEDOMS ARE ATTAINABLE in this world built by bankers. And it’s funny because it is actually really easy to turn things around and make the “name” and the “dollars” give you the advantage… you just have not studied enough. Don’t you think that the bankers left a way for you to attain true freedom? They have true freedom, don’t they? Don’t you think that they set it up so that their children wouldn’t have to worry about things? Even if there were no money?

Which brings me to the secret that they have failed to teach or even mention to you that succesfully removes all the fraud and actually gives you STANDING in their system as A FOREIGN ENTITY. You are not a foreign entity… but you HAVE ONE. Everything in commerce is fiction, and when you claim to BE that fiction the world of commerce will swallow you whole and spit you back out after you have been all chewed up.

There is only one answer, and only one specific way to achieve that one answer. To gain the ability to conduct commerce with the foreign (I am not going to joke here) standing army that has invaded us, we must follow that one rule as foreigners to be able to conduct intercourse with it. This one way does not require that you use a Crown copywritten name. You simply make up your own name. It also does not require you to provide a Social Insurance number, and it does not require a Birth Certificate or State “Identification”, yet it effectively separates you from all that garbage and allows you to have the standing of a living man in a world of ghosts. The reason why they have been so successful because they ARE ALL GHOSTS! Entities that us as living beings cannot even interact with at all. And when you claim to BE an entity they will not hesitate to welcome you their hell, but they have been telling you for years that you have a soul, a ghost, an entity… so why not learn how to use it instead of just giving it all away?

I am not going to give the answer here though, because YOU need to find it for yourself. I will tell you eventually, but you can either wait for me, or get out there and get busy finding the answer for yourselves. I have given you MANY clues… perhaps TOO MANY ALREADY.

Peace be with you.

Top 10 things we learned from the Malheur Refuge Protest in Harney County Oregon

With a majority of 85% of Americans not trusting their government, we can’t be surprised about the recent events in Burns, Oregon… but we can learn from them.

First of all, this was a massive undertaking to get a protest like this moving at all, it was a huge effort from many people. And when you have an event, an exercise like this that is so significant, you have to ask yourselves… what did we learn from this? What did we gain? We must ask ourselves these questions, especially when there were people who were not only willing to give everything for this cause, but actually did give their life for this protest.

Lavoy Finicum
Lavoy Finicum made the ultimate sacrifice and gave everything for others to be free.

If someone is willing to lay their life on the line for you, the least you can do is try to learn from what happened.

What did we learn?

The movement does not end here… and they know that.

Here is the top 10 things that we learned in Burns, Oregon:

1) Our rulers now know that when we stand up, it costs them. It’s going to cost them millions of dollars to keep us down. When Americans get together and decide to do something it is going to cost them millions and millions of dollars. So next time hopefully this will be a consideration for both them and us in the future. Maybe they will be doing their back room “board meeting” next time and try something different because they don’t have the money. We can always hope anyway. At least we know that this “operation” cost them millions to undertake. Continue reading “Top 10 things we learned from the Malheur Refuge Protest in Harney County Oregon”