Since When Does OSP Wear Blue Jeans On Duty?

These men were not employed by the Oregon State Police. These men are ONLY cold-blooded CONTRACT KILLERS… They earn a paycheck by killing people.

Cred to:Veritas 13Fox For The Video.

New Video Slow motion from the Assassination of LaVoy.

This is the BEST Proof EVER til now, in slow Motion that LaVoy Finicum was ASSASSINATED By the FBI and Ambushed….CONFIRMED FROM THE FAMILY.. SHOT 9 TIMES….There is NO Sound on the FBI Video for a REASON!!

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Since When Does OSP Wear Blue Jeans On Duty?

Cops Breaking Cover Confirm LaVoy Was No Threat

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Who are the good guys?

Top 10 things we learned from the Malheur Refuge Protest in Harney County Oregon

Don’t Talk About “Posse comitatus” and Burns, Oregon

The FBI’s Ties to Private Sector Mercenaries (Burns, Oregon)

The Secret That NO ONE Wants You To Know About The Standoff in Oregon

Your Story Just Doesn’t Add Up FBI…

The Gun Is Civilization.


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Top 10 things we learned from the Malheur Refuge Protest in Harney County Oregon

With a majority of 85% of Americans not trusting their government, we can’t be surprised about the recent events in Burns, Oregon… but we can learn from them.

First of all, this was a massive undertaking to get a protest like this moving at all, it was a huge effort from many people. And when you have an event, an exercise like this that is so significant, you have to ask yourselves… what did we learn from this? What did we gain? We must ask ourselves these questions, especially when there were people who were not only willing to give everything for this cause, but actually did give their life for this protest.

Lavoy Finicum
Lavoy Finicum made the ultimate sacrifice and gave everything for others to be free.

If someone is willing to lay their life on the line for you, the least you can do is try to learn from what happened.

What did we learn?

The movement does not end here… and they know that.

Here is the top 10 things that we learned in Burns, Oregon:

1) Our rulers now know that when we stand up, it costs them. It’s going to cost them millions of dollars to keep us down. When Americans get together and decide to do something it is going to cost them millions and millions of dollars. So next time hopefully this will be a consideration for both them and us in the future. Maybe they will be doing their back room “board meeting” next time and try something different because they don’t have the money. We can always hope anyway. At least we know that this “operation” cost them millions to undertake. Continue reading “Top 10 things we learned from the Malheur Refuge Protest in Harney County Oregon”

The Secret That NO ONE Wants You To Know About The Standoff in Oregon

There’s GOLD up in them thar hills! And if we have learned anything in this world of greed and corruption we have learned to follow the money. Everyone knows that the debt notes issued by the Federal Reserve have no value; but natural resources such as gold, diamonds, and even uranium (which is more valuable than gold BTW) do have intrinsic value and are real tangible things that can be traded independently.

Bundy’s ranch just happens to be at “GOLD” Butte volcano in Nevada.. The same “Gold Butte” that Harry Reid wanted to “level” out for a solar farm. Yes, let’s just level out the “gold butte” and all those minerals, and then go to Vegas… oops, er I mean … build a solar farm.

Gold Butte, Clark County Nevada.
Gold Butte, Clark County Nevada.

This Gold Butte actually has quite a wild history of government trying to take the land, including closing the only post office in the area so that packages could not be delivered which put a real damper on things for those trying to live in the area. Another interesting bit of information is that the wiki page for Gold Butte Ghost Town was recently updated to reflect “new” changes to a page for a “ghost town”. Continue reading “The Secret That NO ONE Wants You To Know About The Standoff in Oregon”