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I got a question recently on Facebook, thanking me for a recent article about presumptions of law, but asking how exactly to remove the presumptions. Well today I have a special treat for you!

Chapter 8 from “FREEDOM from GOVERNMENT; How to Reclaim Your Power

Removing Presumptions

Chapter 8 – Removing Presumptions


The courts and government agents use presumptions liberally in their dealings with the public. The thing that makes these presumptions so bad is the fact that they “stand” until “rebutted”. As was mentioned in the chapter immediately preceding this one, the fraud that is being perpetrated means that we have recourse to remove these presumptions and demand that the government offer full disclosure if they want us to contract with them anymore.

There is an old English term that is used to make a legal definition of physical property, but it is a good analogy to use to describe what we need to remove these legal presumptions once and for all. We need to set out our “meets and bounds” and historically this meant a surveyor’s description of a parcel of real property, using carefully measured distances, angles, and directions, which results in what is called a “legal description” of the land, as distinguished from merely a street address or parcel number. Such a metes and bounds description is required to be recorded in official county record on a subdivision map and in the deeds when the boundaries of a parcel or lot are first drawn. We need to define our own “meets and bounds” for interaction with public servants so that they know exactly what they are getting involved in when they decide to violate our God given human rights.

The used car lot of your person

If a public servant is demanding that you perform an action, you need to make sure that they know what they are getting into right from the get go.

Let’s say you are pulled over on the side of the road, and you have done no harm to anyone. Yet there is a police officer demanding that you exit your automobile. You could tell the officer that you only contract on your terms and that if he is demanding that you perform a function of government, you need to get the “details” out of the way.

Specifically, your compensation for the service you are about to perform, you see, if you work for someone, you need to be compensated, and this is defined in a fee schedule that is part of your claim of right (we will get to the claim itself soon enough). A reasonable amount to charge for exiting an automobile (in my opinion) would cost the agency around $50,000.

Think of your rights as a used car lot that you own. Your lot is fenced in and every car in the lot has a price on it. If someone wants to buy a car from you on your lot, you can charge whatever you like. Each car is clearly marked with the purchase price and there is no question about what it is going to cost if someone wants to drive one of your cars off the lot. Sure, some might say that your prices are too high, and that your lot is full of junkers, but to this you could reply “If you don’t like my prices or my cars, DO NOT BUY CARS FROM ME!”, “SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!”

The used car lot is symbolic of your body, and each of the cars are your rights. If an agent of government wants to buy a car (violate your rights), you are the one that determines the price. And personally, I would charge them enough to make them not want to shop at my lot anymore.

In other words, “This body you keep throwing in jail… well, it’s MINE and I won’t allow it anymore!” As a sovereign, we are our own king or queen, and we do not have to use their rules. We make our own rules. I know that if you have read this book so far, I dont need to tell you again that as a creation of God (whoever or whatever God is to you), we have dominion over the earth, and all men under God are equal.

So, now we know that a “presumption of law” is what makes the “person” (a legal fiction, meaning that it only exists on paper), possible. We must remove any presumptions about our person, and only contract with consideration, acceptance, and most importantly; our consent.

Don’t be afraid to clarify any term that you do not understand (meaning comprehend, not consent). Ask them what definition they are using. I would even inquire about any “unstated presumptions” and intent as well. We need to stop fearing them, and if you are to the point where you are contemplating going down this path, you need to fully understand that you are now finally starting to also know that you need to accept total responsibility for everything that you do. The only way that this will work is by removing the presumption that we are incompetent and need our lives to be run by the state. We must realize that when we assume full commercial liability, we are giving ourselves full unlimited ability to do anything we choose as freemen.

Our statement of claim

Part of accepting full responsibility of our actions is affirming our ownership over our persona, body, and soul with a “claim of right” also called a “statement of claim” or “notice of understanding and intent and claim of right”. Whatever term you choose to use, it is always the substance that matters and not grammar. As long as you make your claim clear, concise, to the point, and complete; you will have the upper-hand when it comes to law.

Remember that while our claim is absolutely one of the most important things that you can do for yourself, it is also as important as remaining in honor by following through with what you say, and not making false claims by not following through. What I mean by this is that you will not have solved all of your problems simply by going and getting a claim, having it notarized, and then mailing it (certified so you know it was delivered) to every entity you want to inform of your sovereignty. You have to back up your claims by remaining responsible, liable, and always following through when you contract. We are removing the ignorance, and joining the elite or illuminated, and as such we need to remain honorable at all times.

We always need to keep negotiations open, always offer full disclosure, and be willing to collapse all fraudulent relationships and contracts from now on. If we see fraud, we need to let the other party know that we cannot be a party to it.

Back to the “Statement of Claim” (or declaration); this is a legal contract that you make with the government to take back what is rightfully yours. In it, you need to have a few things; you need to demand that the government provide proof of claim for something that you cannot do (this is much better than the older methodology of listing everything out that you want to have rights to do, and not necessary; because we turn it around and take away their power by claiming ALL of it), you need to include a “fee schedule” (mentioned earlier), and a “default clause” as well. The “default clause” allows the government 21 days (or whatever you deem necessary 10, 14, 30, 60 days…), to respond and let you know if they have something from you that you have knowingly agreed to with full disclosure. This is something that will never happen; because even if they did have something from you that you agreed to, a person in government would not dare risk liability by claiming that you do not have the right to do something. It just won’t happen. Let me know if you get a response? I never did, and I sent mine via certified mail to the Washington County Sheriff of Oregon, the Senior District Attorney, The Hillsboro police chief, the Governor for the State of Oregon, the US Secretary of State, and any other elected government officials you like (I sent it to a few judges as well just for fun). Remember to keep it simple; the less you say, the less they have to use against you in escaping the contract.

It all comes back to your birth registration, and your birth certificate. Make sure that you do plenty of research on this first, and do even ask to see the original birth contract as well, remember this is about YOUR LIFE, it is very important to learn about it.

The government currently does legally own the name on your birth certificate. This name is the intellectual property of the Government of whatever state you were born in. It is not YOUR intellectual property, since at this point you were a new born baby, and have no memories of the day you were born. Your parents didn’t have the choice to fill in a statement of birth. They filled in papers with information and signed certifying this info is true and correct.

A government agent, took this information and registered the event of your birth, and then issued your birth certificate.

If you want to be a free, you have to first tell them that you didn’t know that the name that you have been identified with all your life was actually their property, that you are sorry you have been using their property, and you no longer will use it to identify your SELF. The registered name will still exist, and they cannot ask you to send your birth certificate back; so you will still own the papers with the information. This means you can still use it, but not to identify yourself as a flesh and blood human being.

This is where you have to decide what you want to stand for… You can use this name as a company name (person… corporation) to set up bills, etc… But if you want to be a Sovereign, it means you do not want to be part of that society this name is registered under; so you shouldn’t ask them to pay for you!

Now the problem is that the government decided to own the land you live on too. Every bit of free land is owned by the state and you are not allowed to build a permanent dwelling on it (and you have the right to security and a dwelling, as a human being, whether you are part of the Governed society or not). You will not be eligible for a loan or a mortgage on a land if you are not identified with a registered name and identification papers. By using a Social Security number you agree to be identified with this name; so most likely you will not be able to find employment without and therefore make enough money to buy a land or a dwelling with cash. This makes learning a trade VITAL.

I  think that you can ask them to pay for the things that you are entitled for because people have done so before, and because you cannot live without them. But you cannot call yourself a Sovereign if you ask the government to do so…

This is why you have to personally craft your statement of claim for your rights. You have to research and understand any of the disclosure you include in it.

It is possible to not be part of the governed society of The United States and still live on its land, because you are a creature of GOD (or nature, whatever you choose to believe in) just like a tree, a fish and a wolf. But, because the government made you and everything else that lives on its territory it’s property, you have to know and understand every aspect of your rights and think about your personal needs before you give anything away.

We do not use a “Statement of Claim” anymore, but we now use a similar (and more comprehensive) “Lawful Declaration”, which is available with the Lawful Traveler Package and LOADED Thumb Drive )

WARNING! – Please do not send off any of these notices unless you know what you are doing and you are confident in your knowledge foundation.


Thank you for reading Chapter 8 from “FREEDOM from GOVERNMENT; How to Reclaim Your Power” Removing Presumptions available now at and

“Freedom from Government; How to Reclaim Your Power” is your handbook for dealing with government on your terms. Learn how to win any victimless court case, what to say to law enforcement, the problem with attorneys (and why you NEVER want to hire one), why statute and legislation only apply to you if you allow it, the difference between a “right” and a “privilege”, what it means to be truly free and responsible for yourself and your estate, the history of our legal system (and why it is so messed up), how to get remedy for inherent rights violations, and everything else you will need to make them


“No one American can claim ownership over these ideals that belong to all of US. This is not information that anyone can own, these concepts can only be lived. These ideas and concepts belong to the freedom movement, and to you, your children, grandchildren, and every future generation.”

So, you live in the “land of the free”…
but are you really free?
Taxes, checkpoints, red light cameras, seat belt infractions, detention without cause;
when will the bleeding of free men satiate the beast of government?


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