Owned and Operated By:

When they try to call you an “operator”… I am sure that we have all heard the phrase: “Owned and OPERATED by…” which clearly would be in reference to a commercial venture.

The foregoing court citation clearly shows that the “operator’s license” permits engagement in commercial activity.

“Section 1. (b) The word “operator” shall include all persons, firms, associations and corporations who operate motor vehicles upon any public highway in this state and thereby engage in the transportation of persons or property for hire or compensation, but shall not include any person, firm, association or corporation who solely transports by motor vehicle persons to and from or to and from attendance upon any public school or who solely transports his or its own property, or employees, or both, and who transports no persons or property for hire or compensation…Section 2. Each operator of a motor vehicle within this state who transports or desires to transport for compensation or hire persons or property upon or over any public highway within this state shall apply to and secure from the board of equalization of the State of California a license to operate each and all of the motor vehicles which such operator desires to operate or which such operator from time to time may operate.”~ Stats. 1925, ch 412, p. 833. Approved by the Governor May 23, 1925.

I wonder what might happen if everyone who has a driver license rescinded the contract with the DMV based on fraud. If you or your car are not engaged in the PROFESSION being regulated then you’ve been DEFRAUDED because DUMB ADULTS MISLEAD YOU.

“The modern definition of “traffic” is commerce; trade; the subjects of transportation on a route, as persons or goods; the passing to and fro of persons, animals, vehicles, or vessels, along a route of transportation, as along a street, canal, etc.” Webster’s 1931 Dictionary; Withey v. Fowler Co., 164 Iowa 377, 145 N.W. 923, 927; Maner v. State, 181 Ga. 254, 181 S.E. 856, 858; Allen v. City of Bellingham, 95 Wash. 12, 163 P. 18, 27; Stewart v. Hugh Nawn Contracting Co., 223 Mass. 525, 112 N.E. 218, 219.US v Golden Gate Bridge

Have you ever had someone use you to get what they want? Well, the police are trained professionals at using you to get you to do what they want. Anything that you say or do will always be used against you, never to defend you. Keep this in mind, and know that when you do things the “easy way” with the police, you are likely not only acting in fraud, but defeating yourself at the same time.

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  1. Beautiful article. The author, in the same easy to overstand approach as other examples of his published work, has a way to help even the less than genius individual see how these offers to contract with their hidden adhesion contracts that we all have been indoctrinated into believing that we were obliged to get from the State or your local municipality are in reality just these beauracratic portals that we are funneled through. Nothing in this world works the way we were brought up to believe it does. And pretty much without exception you can say everything is a rich man’s trick to harvest you. I’d say most if asked to describe what the typical their looks like in their minds eye they would probably describe some assailant with a hoodie and a weapon but in reality the typical crook looks like a clean cut man in a suit and tie with a ball point pen and a contract who has repeated to you, “….press hard there is three copies!”.

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