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Ok, the folks over at “Lose the Name” are going to enjoy this one…

Would you ever take and use something that is not yours? Have you ever heard of a “honeypot”? A honeypot is a device employed in web security that traps and detects hackers. IT IS A TRAP!

Below is a screenshot from a document located at http://www.opsi.gov.uk/advice/crown-copyright/crown-copyright-in-the-information-age.pdf and the first thing that jumped out at me was information about how the crown copyright affects things even in the UNITED STATES, which leads me to conclude that we have already been overthrown by the British and have been slaves to this “Crown corporation” for much longer than any of us would be comfortable thinking about. Then on page 29 was the evidence sitting there in black and white (the red was added by me). See for yourself:


Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not covet. Thou shall not bear false witness. I can name at least 3 commandments that are broken when you attempt to get a copy of your birth certificate. You are attempting to steal something that you do not own (a legal entity). You are also coveting the “privileges” that come with such legal entity. You are also bearing false witness by claiming to be a security, a piece of paper, a bond slave. Please stop doing this.

Here are some great videos explaining this concept, but I will tell you right now, that they only go halfway with a solution… Keep reading for the full solution.

How it works is they create an “entity” when you are born and then get you to fraudulently claim it. It isn’t yours, it never was yours and it definitely isn’t you, and you commit fraud by using it… then most people go and pay to break the law in the form of a license. I have a legal name now, and when I am on the road I am NOT FOR HIRE and not using my business when I travel.

The solution to operate lawfully in commerce (because government DOES regulate commerce) and to have standing to sue other legal entities is to register an assumed name.
In August of last year (2015), I decided to start operating lawfully in commerce.

Back in August of last year (2015), I decided to start operating lawfully in commerce.

Here is a great article I would recommend for anyone interested in this:

Everything in Commerce is Fiction 6-2015 by Herich, Douglas Joseph – dba DOUGLAS JOSEPH HERICH

And here are complete detailed instructions:

Revised Instructions to File an Assumed Name Certificate – 2015 by Herich, Douglas Joseph – dba DOUGLAS JOSEPH HERICH

Enjoy! Remember to try and learn something new every day!


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