Cop says “NOT FOR HIRE” defense is a reality.


A friend of mine went in arguing an aggressive “no cargo, no passenger” exception and he is approached by a Police Officer after the hearing.

Officer told my friend in secret that if you are traveling and get pulled over we are suppose to let you go as soon as you announce that you are not for hire.  He said that every state legislature has early bills that clearly state the “for hire” requirement to invoke the motor vehicle code.  He then added that the statutes, which are not law, just reference to law, has conveniently removed /dropped the “offered to the public for hire” language.

My friend has won every ticket of no plate, no registration, no insurance, no operator license for the last several years. My friend wants to remain anonymous and wants to keep the Officer as a confidant.

I have recently tried to enter a Nebraska 1905 bill that said just that into a trafic case of mine the judge denied the exhibit, so now I am going back the the State archives and get a certified copy of the original bill, he will be forced to accept that evidence, as a matter of law.  They gave me 90 days, and they know I won my case, stay tuned.

I, Paul John Hansen, recently put a Not FOR HIRE plate on my motorcycle and just last week a cop pulled up read it and then pulled around me and went on his way.

The whole story will come soon.

(( It is believed that even if you have a state plate, by placing a “NOT FOR HIRE” below it takes you out of the scope of the Vehicle Statutes and Municipal Codes.  This is yet to be tested. ))

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The only way the state can use the motor vehicle code is under the US commerce clause, if one is not putting an extra demand on the road or carrying freight or passengers (for hire), the state can not lawfully act upon you. Since time immemorial man has had the right to travel in the mode of the time, for whatever reason he has, to where he wants to go. Your rights under the creator are what you say they are, as long as you do not infringe on the rights of others. You will be deemed as self responsible and willing to accept all commercial liability for any of your actions, the rules of the road are a general guideline, and one should try to follow them.

See this article for case law and supreme court opinions.

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    By: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©

    Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 4:00 PM, After installing new Private Auto Plates for my Honda on Feb 22, 2016 See: A Living Christ Says Its Time for a Peaceful Revolution! and travelling without incident since installation, it would seem that a new JOSEPHINE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE ENFORCEMENT POLICY HAS BEEN ADOPTED, concerning Private unlicensed Travelers thus ending a 13 year controversy/persecution of this Living Christ.

    While traveling downtown Cave Junction on hwy #199, I stopped for Traffic Light in front of the County Building, when a Sheriff Car came up rapidly behind me and stopped bumper to bumper behind me. No lights, no action. I observed the deputy behind me to see what action he would take concerning the displayed Plates. When the lights changed, I proceeded on my way, and NO ACTION WAS TAKEN BY THE DEPUTY.

    It would seem that Intelligence has finally overtaken the JOCOSO POLICY MAKERS concerning this decade long event concerning private travel on Oregon Roadways by
    OREGONIANS. is a Private ID Plate that may be copied and printed (free of charge) then laminated in Plastic at your local Computer Shop and placed
    on one’s private travel conveyance notifying all Traffic Enforcement Law Officers that one is travelling and not subject to Commercial Licensing.

    This comes to you from a Retired Police Sergeant

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