Lien Up

If some organized crime unit steals your car and then tries to sell it back to you or put a lien on it saying that it was “abandoned” or some crap, turn it right back around on them and “lien up” your own stuff first. I am sure that you have made investments into the… Continue reading Lien Up

Courtroom Ace In The Hole: Taxable Events

You know… when people attempt to stand up for their rights and defend themselves in their corporate tribunal administrative courts and the court plays dirty and attempts to circumvent rights and railroad people for victimless code violations it just makes them look bad and also typically makes the resolve of the one defending themselves stronger.… Continue reading Courtroom Ace In The Hole: Taxable Events

What is Common Law?

I am now hosting my own videos! Yay! Now we have our OWN community standards! I am afraid it is just a boring law lecture though for those of you who are looking for black magic.