Be Careful Who You Listen to and Trust

Please be careful who you listen to, who you trust. Even be careful with what I say, use your own intuition. After all we are blessed with intuition and the ability to differentiate right from wrong. I would even expect you to question me and what I say, even though I know I would never intentionally lie to you.

The reason why I bring this topic up, is because there are infiltrators and provocateurs out there that are casting huge nets with which to build lists of names of individuals to be used later when larger scale “round ups” of liberty minded patriots begins.

The ones that are the ones that you should suspect first are those who close channels of communication rather that keep them open by responding and communicating with fair, open, and responsive communications. Those who do not respond or respond with slander, orders, negativity, or even just remaining silent are all signs that they may not be someone that you can trust. After all, these agencies and officers of government are only supposed to be there to serve and protect the rights and property of the people. There is no other reason for government, except perhaps defense of the homeland.

These agent provocateurs will also try to keep you in a narrow viewpoint about the situation, and not only will they express a narrow viewpoint, they will usually always try to influence you in a particular way. Sometimes they will try and convince you to not trust a particular individual, sometimes they will exhaustively promote particular individuals or groups.

These plants and government shills also commonly won’t give you a straight answer when you ask them a simple question, and their favorite response is to imply that there is a defect with the complainant to sidestep the actual complaint.

When I talk about those who should be suspected and placed under further scrutiny and background review, I am not just talking about individuals, there may also be shill groups, or organizations. And the ones that should be scrutinized the MOST are those who claim to either be actively affiliated with or employed by government, or those actively promoting ideologies claiming that the government is fair, just, honest, or unbiased.

13133243_244191322636622_309713294813844185_nNaturally those working for the government or benefiting from the government in some way are highly suspect, because they stand to lose the most by withdrawing or losing their support for the broken corrupt system. They are dependent on the government, why challenge it? They will also contradict themselves; for example they may express sympathy and support for the protesters, but at the same time will express support for the government and the “court system” in particular. Like the fox guarding the hen house, they will usually be slick talkers as well. But will rarely offer citations or evidence to prove their claims.

While we are on this subject, I would like to talk briefly about lawyers. And I have more information here if you are interested in learning more. But who has more to lose from the government than a lawyer? Not just any lawyer, but a lawyer that makes his living by arguing cases in government courthouses?

Don’t you think that the government would want to make sure that there were “attorneys” to defend the protesters? Keep them in the casino, where their chances are not good. And by not just any attorneys, but maybe even an attorney from the “Top 100” list of all trial attorneys to prepare their defense. One who has worked their whole career arguing in support of subjects of government who were mainly charged with “code” or “statute” violations. A vast majority of them without a victim, like DUII cases, and other trumped up “code” violations.

I don’t know about you, but after doing years of research on this topic. I have never found in the founding documents where the founders of this country ever suggested or implied that the people were bound by any “code”, “statute”, “rules”, “regulations” or “policy” of government. As a matter of fact the Declaration of Independence says exactly this: “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,…”

Did you happen to read anywhere in the quote above where the “people” are to be subject to the government? Do you think that the intent of the founding fathers was to make the people of this country bound by countless “codes”, “policy”, “statutes”, and other “rules” set by government? HELL NO! The rules that government sets are ALWAYS FOR GOVERNMENT! They do not have authority to make rules we are subject to. And I bet you won’t be able to find in the founding documents for this country where it says that the people are to be subject to any rules of government. We are not subjects of government! They are our servants! What happens when your employee gets out of line? You FIRE THEM and find someone else to do the job.

Anyway, back to attorneys… don’t you think that the government would want to be the one to assist with finding a “suitable” attorney to try the case where they have already murdered a man on the side of the road?

Attorney client relationship (click to enlarge).
Attorney client relationship (click to enlarge).

Wouldn’t they be doing BIG TIME damage control right about now? I am not sure that they would want to find a “suitable” attorney, but I am sure that they would definitely want to convince him to take an attorney. Because if you do a little research on the “attorney client relationship” (see image to the left) you will find that clients of attorners (another word for attorneys) are always deemed incompetent to manage their own affairs because in the eyes of the government they are still an infant as recorded on the birth certificate. I dedicate a whole chapter to this topic in my book available here.

Of course the government would want to control as many factors in this fiasco as it can, which means that it would be imperative to have all the defendants “re-presented” by an attorney who is not even allowed to challenge the matter of jurisdiction, because by being a member of the A.B.A. (American Bar Association) they have admitted jurisdiction and are in reality an officer of the court, whose first duty is actually to the court and the government, and not to the client. So, as far as these defendants are concerned, I would fire all the attorneys, and immediately challenge jurisdiction by asking for evidence of jurisdiction (which they will never have). The government’s “codes” do not apply to you unless you are employed by them, and I am not employed by them unless they are sending me a paycheck every other week. Just like I don’t have to follow the Wal-Mart policy for employees because I don’t work there. They could not give me a citation for being 15 minutes late or showing up out of uniform because we have no agreement, no contract and I am not their employee.

While we are on this subject about the difference between “rules”, “codes”, “statute”, “policy” and “procedure”…. why don’t we introduce the word “law”. Can anyone tell me what a “law” is? Is it something that is writen by legislatures? Is it something written by lawyers? Or, are laws written by God? Or are “laws” even written down at all? Which “law” book would you find the “law of gravity” in? A “law” does not need to be written down to see evidence of it, and the “law” is directly related to your rights. Do you know why it is directly related to your “rights”? The “law” is so simple and so closely related to your “rights” because the “rights” are the law. What are your “rights”? Have you ever told a cop; “I know my rights!” Do you know why saying that you know your rights sounds odd? Because everyone knows their rights inherently if you know the difference between right and wrong.

I might as well tell you right now while we are on this topic that there is no constitution that “gives” you rights. There is only a constitution that all public servants swear an oath to uphold and protect. It has nothing to do with the people, except that the constitution is rules for government to follow so that our rights are protected. The constitution does not give you rights, your rights are inherent or natural and they do not come from government. The constitution isn’t even applicable to you, but we do use it to hold government servants accountable. All the rules are rules to restrict government. And they have tricked us to think that the government is the authority because of the constitution but they are not even enforcing the constitution. Everything is backwards because they are enforcing “rules”, “statutes”, “codes”, and “policy” on people who it does not apply to because they are not employed by government. And like I said before, if their policy applies to me, then I need to be getting a regular paycheck because I don’t follow orders for free. Just think, when a public servant pulls you over and writes you a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, he is breaking the law. He is breaking the law because he is forcing or enforcing policy that is only meant for agents of government. Not only that but he is actually extorting and committing piracy on land by pillaging and unjustly enriching himself and his organization by forcing you to pay for not following his rules.

All that a “right” is, is something that is not “wrong”. So your rights are things that you are allowed to do where no one else should “infringe” on those rights, because they are not “wrong”. It is that simple, although you may not be able to see the simplicity of it right away. It really is simple. The “law” is do no harm… and that is pretty much it.

Back to the attorneys that are defending these political prisoners. Do you think that they would EVER want to honestly challenge their money maker? Their employer? Their bread and butter? After going to law school for how many years, I am sure they will not make any real arguments. What kind of counsel would be used to defend them? What kind of defense are they going to get? Are the attorneys going to accept ANY liability for their actions? Or when these peaceful protesters get their “day in court” are they going to get sentenced to lengthy terms in prison and a follow-up bill for the trial representation from the lawyer? In a matter as important as this, why would you trust another agent of the same government who has been evidencing it’s corruption the entire time? I can guarantee you that a “licensed” attorney will not ever address the validity of the charges. They will at most just try to ineffectively poke holes in the prosecutor’s case. Don’t get me wrong… they will make the trial a spectacular event. Like in the Hunger Games… no one that plays really ever wins.

Most attorneys will be more than happy to take your money, but then proceeds to do nothing. I have seen this happen more times than I can count. He won’t put you on the stand, doesn’t file or put in any documents. The best defense you will get from them is a “he didn’t know” defense or a “he didn’t mean it” defense. Which never challenges the validity or applicability of the charges, and results in the 100 year prison sentence. You go to jail, and they say “I’m sorry… I did the best I could” while generating another bill for hours spent in court doing nothing but ever the great actor and professional, looking like he is doing everything he can.

The attorneys are just part of the problem though. The justice department is pulling something inconceivable here. The government is coming in on both sides so that they can maintain control of the situation, but they have been using military and government actors and infiltrating the real protest and victimizing locals to give the honest peaceful protesters a bad name (more about that in a bit). The attorney’s job is to make it impossible to uphold the constitution. Then you ask them why he won’t challenge jurisdiction and usually they will essentially retaliate with an attack instead of responding responsively with a rebuttal.

Just think, it may be a very good way to send them all to jail for a very long time to teach them not to stand up to the all powerful government (who is supposed to be our servant and protector, not punisher and master). Remember how in 1994 the FBI burned the religious compound to the ground and murdered everyone at Waco Texas? Look what they did to Lavoy? Did he deserve a summary judgement that harsh? Didn’t he deserve due process? At the very least, unlike in Waco the government knew they couldn’t get away with murdering everyone in Harney county, Oregon that protested in this situation so they are doing the next best thing; trumped up bogus charges with no victims, and likely very stiff prison sentences, and of course these BAR attorneys are never going to argue the unlawfulness and illegality of the of the charges as your re-presentation on a kangaroo court charge.

They will also likely consolidate all the defendants so that the ones with council can force everyone to accept the same court stipulations, rules, and outcome as the ones who are being re-presented by attorners instead of challenging the charges themselves or asking for ALL the information and evidence (fact specific) that was provided to the alleged “grand jury” that indited them.

It is clearly known now that the doors at the refuge facility were left open, the Sheriff had prior knowledge of what was about to occur, but they acted like nothing was going on. There were reports of trucks with no tags (license plates) for anonymity in town before the incident terrorizing the local people, destabilizing the community, slashing tires, being disrespectful and threatening. There were several incidents allegedly where the participants were claimed to be “militia and III%ers”.

Excerpt from an Oregonian/ reporter Lez Zaitz. Notice no names mentioned as far as who was doing the "harassment" and "threats".
Excerpt from an Oregonian/ reporter Les Zaitz. Notice no names mentioned as far as who was doing the “harassment” and “threats”. More about Les in part 2. (click to enlarge)

And Sheriff Ward did not back the people like he was supposed to and take care of the destabilization efforts, he did what Grasty told him to do… which was nothing. Stand down while his locals were being harassed and intimidated. Isn’t it interesting that the Sheriff even implicates his own 74 year old mother, but fails to identify any of the “destabilizers” even though the Sheriff claims that the man or men even showed up at his office to harass the him at work! Sheriff Ward, I have a question for you… why do you reveal the identity of a victim (your own mother even) yet fail to identify who the “criminal” was who threatened her.

This could be an attempt to demonize the “right to travel” community also by using vehicles where the tags have been removed for threatening, intimidating, harassing, and following locals. Which brings us to “black propaganda”.

Black propaganda can be the most effective strategy, but can also be the most destructive for the agency that propagates it because of the blow-back potential.

FBI (or mercs) in civilian clothes.
FBI (or mercs) in civilian clothes.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about when I refer to Black propaganda, it is essentially when the FBI, CIA, BLM, DOJ, ect. uses it’s own assets, agents, contractors, or mercenaries and takes them out of uniform and puts them into civilian clothing and makes them pretend that they are “militia members”, Oregon Citizens, or Harney County Citizens and orders them to go in and create havoc, create chaos, go to the armory, cause disruption, be loud, be drunk, be agent provocateurs. They do this to destabilize and traumatize the local people. As a result, the destabilization and the trauma that is unleashed will cause the local people to run to law enforcement to the FBI, to the government for protection from those who are causing trouble who are really employed or tasked by agencies of government in the first place, especially if the provocateurs are actually victimizing and harassing people.

The danger of black propaganda is that if it is discovered or found out as it was in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq where the US was doing operations and blaming it on the Muslims. Blowing up their own embassy and then blaming it on Al Qaeda or ISIS for example. Let us not forget the similar black propaganda on 9/11 where they blew up their own buildings and blamed it on the Muslims. When black propaganda is discovered, the blow-back can reach an epic scale of disaster for the instigator when the people realize that they have been played for fools and lied to by the agents and by the government who they have given faith and trust to. The people of Harney county are now discovering that agents and actors employed or contracted by the FBI, BLM, DOJ, and the Sheriffs department were purposefully and intentionally infiltrating Harney county with destabilizers, agent provocateurs, and other infiltrators in order to manipulate the people of Harney county back to the governments side and also a very effective side effect was to cause cause the people of Harney county to stay away from the protest and not even think about getting involved.

With this information coming out now, it will swing the pendulum back in the opposite direction. When the realization sets in that the people have been betrayed yet again by their own government. The blow-back on them will be limitless. This also is encouraging because the blow-back is so enormously powerful it can cause this whole corrupt government house of cards to crumble, and here’s why: Imagine if you were a brother or sister or family member of one of the people wrongfully in jail right now and you found out about this black propaganda going on, you would use this as your platform to demand a change in circumstances. And because the black propaganda is so ethically and morally wrong, there would be overwhelming support.

When you can’t trust your own government, or even your own local Sheriff to faithfully and competently perform and execute his duties honestly what is going to happen? And not only that, but in this operation of theirs, don’t forget that they senselessly murdered a man; a man who was also a father, a brother, a husband, a friend.

The government and politicians that are supposed to be protecting us, have failed miserably. How can we ever trust them to carry out their duties when they play so dirty? How can we allow them to remain in office?

If these patriots believe that the constitution is the supreme law of the land, why on earth wouldn’t they challenge jurisdiction? The “code” or “statute” is not the law of the land, and yet they are being charged with “code” violations, and not “constitutional” violations. Why is that? Charging them with constitutional violations would be absurd by the way because they never swore an oath to uphold a constitution, they never signed it, and they never were a party to it. Only government employees do that.

It was not federal code books that these guys were carrying around in their shirt pocket, it was the “law of the land” i.e. the Constitution. Which all public servants swear to uphold. It is not to be used as a restraint on the people, it is a restraint on the government. The common man is not bound by the constitution, they are protected from government intrusion by it. Or else it would be the other way around… the people would have to swear the oath, but they don’t.

The truth is always worthy of defending. The truth is even worth dying for.

I was going to try and put this entire article in one part, but I think I will stop here and continue this article soon in a part two. I have much more to say on this topic and there is much more that you need to know to be fully informed about this situation and I will get it out to you as soon as I can. I know that this article has already covered some very important topics, and it is dangerous for me to be sharing it with you, but who is going to stand up if I don’t?

Part 2 will include more important information, a comparison of the grievances that the original colonists had with Great Britain and how they relate to what our government is doing today, plus more dirt I dug up on this Harney county protest. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and peace be with you.

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5 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Listen to and Trust”

  1. ….Call the Patriots What they Are Being Treated Like…

    …“our criminal justice system is almost exclusively a system of plea bargaining, negotiated behind closed doors and with no judicial oversight. ..The outcome is very largely determined by the prosecutor alone..!”

    Of all federal criminal cases, “fewer than 3 percent went to trial.
    The plea bargains largely determined the sentences imposed..!”

    In the Land of the Free, one-quarter of the entire planet’s prison population, some 2.2 million people, currently languish behind bars; yet, an astonishing number of them — around 2 million — have never been to trial..!

    Indeed, these figures categorically debunk the notion the criminal justice system in the United States maintains any semblance of its formation’s original intent: to ensure the guilty suffer punishment befitting their crimes while the innocent avoid the false conviction.

    As the fundamental basis for the justice system in the United States, the Sixth Amendment states:

    “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation;

    to be confronted with the witnesses against him;
    to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.”

    Justice, as an untold — though no doubt, appalling — number can attest, has been utterly abandoned for the interests of the careless expedience, apathetic convenience, and unabashed profiteering of the U.S. prison-industrial machine.

    “The reality is that almost no one who is imprisoned in America has gotten a trial,” explains award-winning journalist, Chris Hedges, in a recent Truthdig column.

    “There is rarely an impartial investigation. A staggering 97 percent of all federal cases and 95 percent of all state felony cases are resolved through plea bargaining.” Of those millions who bargained away their right to a trial by accepting plea deals, “significant percentages of them are innocent.”

    Plea bargaining failed in its attempt to facilitate pragmatic justice seen in earlier courts, before the advent of the “adversary system and the related development of the law of evidence,” as John H. Langein once described. After the Civil War, as Judge Jed S. Rakoff explained in the New York Review of Books, rising crime and immigration rates began to burden the system and plea bargains offered an acceptable solution.

    In other words, court proceedings were at one time swift and simple, and though such expediency might have seemed a desirable quality in the past, the incontrovertible reality at present is a system wholly focused on speed at the expense of the necessary — in fact, imperative — assumption of innocence of the accused.

    Indeed, for incontrovertible proof, the court system no longer functions for the people — neither in its capacity to protect the public from the actual criminals nor in its ostensible assurances no innocent person will be punished unfairly — take even a cursory glance at the trial system. Plea bargains have actualized a replacement of justice with a farcical, well-oiled machine of incarceration.

    “In actuality,” as Rakoff described,


    ….Call the Patriots What they Are Being Treated Like…

  2. Actually the oath is taken by those who want to be citizens. The same oath to uphold and defend the constitution as military and police, plus some. And, you swear the oath implicitly as an American citizen.

    Personally, I think all is lost, and we are about to be thrown into the NWO, and the NAU. The U.S. Constitution will soon be gone, superceded by world government, and the people will put up just as much fight as we’ve seen so far! Look around you! Look at what happened in oregon! The thing everyone is missing is the entire country has gone silly sloppy liberal rainbow flying leftists, who will be more than happy to throw in!

    Seriously open borders, muslims being flown in, in the middle of the night. Bussed under dhs escort from mexico. Foreign workers flooding in faster than they can take all our jobs! Even more jobs lost via outsourcing! Bankers getting filthy rich stealing our money, and everyone knows they broke trading laws, and cheated for every single billion they stole. A nation wide media that is supposed to keep us informed, and be government watchdogs, but instead went to bed with it! Whores all of them! Uranium one donates > 100 million to clintons, and get nevada and oregon! The whole bundy, hammond story, and we have proof of the most unbelieveable corruption in history, involving govenors, cops, sheriffs, fbi, and washington politicos! We sat and watched a town of government controlled people side with their masters! And not a single oath taker stands in the way! And not more than a few Americans give a damn!

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