The "paper terrorist" might not be who you think it is...

Have you ever heard the term paper terrorist in reference to people who file paperwork in a case?

Well, think about this is there anyone who you can think of who, under the threat of violence or imprisonment, goes around and hands out pieces of paper to people saying that they owe him money (essentially extorting and robbing them using the threat of violence if you don’t comply with the robbery/extortion)?

Yes that is right folks, the REAL PAPER TERRORISTS are the ones who write the citations. THEY originate the cases that we are trying to defend ourselves from, and then when we try to file paperwork (never using the threat of violence by the way) we get called a TERRORIST? Are you effing kidding me?

Please correct them if you hear this term being used to describe someone trying to defend themselves. They have victimized us enough.

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