Every Man His Own Lawyer

Just about 250 years ago, the great American democratic experiment began. Almost from the first day–and despite the contrary views of a succession of English monarchs–it assumed that an educated citizenry had no need of lawyers to write its laws or solve its disputes. Lawyers were actually banned outright or faced tight restrictions in many… Continue reading Every Man His Own Lawyer

Public Notice

I hereby rescind, revoke, and cancel any express or implied agreements and/or contracts that relate to securities owned by the United States. If it happens that an “accuser” or “victim” should materialize, I should choose to attempt to negotiate with them directly versus having a third party prosecute a legal fiction for profit.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE; The undersigned herein and in all supporting documents that are styled as “Defendant” hereby give notice to the court, that they are not a civilians, trained in or an expert in law, court rules or customs or practices of law or procedure. The Defendants, who are unrepresented, as indicated by the status… Continue reading NOTICE OF APPEARANCE

You PLEDGE What?!?

In the first two words of the “Pledge of alliegiance” you make a very important action. What exactly does it mean anyway? PLEDGE A BAILMENT or delivery of PERSONAL PROPERTY to a creditor as security for a debt or for the performance of an act. Sometimes called bailment, pledges are a form of security to… Continue reading You PLEDGE What?!?

Courtroom Ace In The Hole: Taxable Events

You know… when people attempt to stand up for their rights and defend themselves in their corporate tribunal administrative courts and the court plays dirty and attempts to circumvent rights and railroad people for victimless code violations it just makes them look bad and also typically makes the resolve of the one defending themselves stronger.… Continue reading Courtroom Ace In The Hole: Taxable Events

Are you a Driver?

Cattle Drive

Do you DRIVE?Are you a DRIVER?Is your car a MOTOR VEHICLE?Have you BAILED your property to the DMV? Take the test by answering the following 12 questions and determine for yourself: Are you a “driver”? Do you “drive”? How can you tell? The Vehicle Code of 1935. “An act to establish a Vehicle Code, thereby consolidating and… Continue reading Are you a Driver?

The door is open…

Imagine you are a bird, and you have lived your entire life up to this point in a cage… one day you awake and find that the cage door has been opened, and at the same time you have two major conflicting emotions, excitement and fear. You are excited at the prospect of freedom, but… Continue reading The door is open…