Are you a slave? (Banned from YouTube)

Who owns you? Are you anyone’s slave?

“First they came for the writers, but I didn’t speak up because I was not a writer.”

The corporate empire that controls the world. America is still a British Colony. Only a psychopath could read someone else’s lies from their teleprompter with such feigned emotion. Politicians are puppets, and your only questions should be: “Who is writing their speeches? Stop the Spray Jets, Mister President… World leaders have secretly tied themselves together to create a web of lies and build a mass of wealth so great that nobody can even fathom its reach. Please don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe!… Thank you!

Note: All the clips in this video are licensed by other youtubers under Creative Commons Attribution license. (reuse allowed) All credits go to the original sources and creators of each video as we explain below:

0:00:07​ Not so long time ago but nothing changed!​

0:03:53​ Videodrome (David Cronenberg, 1983)​


0:08:14​ Politics is Fake and Staged​

0:11:05​ Predictive programming by the media​

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0:23:02​ The Empire of the City​

0:30:57​ When The Knights Templar Transformed to Freemasonry & The Rosslyn Chapel​

0:41:34​ Freemason Royal Ritual​

0:53:05​ Mothers of Darkness Castle – The Most Evil Place on Earth! Documentary​

1:09:57​ The Fall of Cabal Genesis​

1:10:45​ Stop The Spray Jets, Mister President​

1:14:50​ First They Came – I Didn’t Speak Up (Must See)​

1:16:28​ Who Owns You​

Josie Outlaw…

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