Scott Duncan, dangerous man, delusional mind.

Scott Duncan, dangerous man, delusional mind by Trent Goodbaudy

Scott Duncan has instigated a comprehensive attack campaign against me. He has made a claim (without any evidence by the way), that I am selling his copywritten materials on my website. He particularly is upset about a “Notice of Mistake” that I have available on my website for free. I have never sold a “Notice of Mistake”, and I never will.

Scott Duncan also has a general ad hominem attack for anyone that believes in being compensated for teaching. Below are some of his own words, notice the condescending tone, the insults to everyone who is not him, his “holier than thou” attitude and false promises of riches beyond your wildest dreams (because if you can put up with the insults and harassment, he is going to teach you how to “monetize” the governments creation… the “person”).

Here is a quote from an article released by him on July 14, 2014 titled THE TENDER FOR LAW: AGENCY (ARTIFICIAL PERSONS) FOR IDIOTS on his Facebook page: “If all PERSONS have a monetary value attached to them, along with undertakings to various degrees, and like myself you have liened the LEGAL PERSON as PROOF of RESIGNATION from Government Service, and you have affixed a monetary value to that name, and it is now a fact under LAW until you (the Supreme Authority) say otherwise, you can take that value and LEGALLY UNDERWRITE (insure) your own PERSONAL currency.

…and that’s coming up this year. I’m going to teach you what the FREE-DUMBERS couldn’t…how to monetize your PERSON. As with everything else I teach, I do not charge money. Ever! All you have to do is (NOTE: I’m only writing this to make the FREE-DUMBERS sqwak and cackle), SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.

NOTE: You really DO HAVE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD! The price of admission is the acknowledgement and acceptance that all of my AXIOMS are TRUE, and the very first AXIOM is YOU THINK WRONG AND VALUE THE WRONG THINGS. Over the past 18 months I’ve shown you why that’s true, and how it came to be. Now we’re going to do something about it. When I’m done everyone will think right, and will value the right things, and if they don’t a computer will make them. Imagine making law that says you specifically must be left alone, and your government enforces it. Imagine if everybody thinks right, and values the right things. Natural Law will become written law, all on an exponential curve to evolve our species. To evolve our societies, and above all, to evolve each and every PERSON.”

So, Scott Duncan claims that he will make everyone “value the right things”, yet he never states specifically what the “right things” are. And it gets kind of scary when he says: “When I’m done everyone will think right, and will value the right things, and if they don’t a computer will make them.” What does this even mean? Could it mean that in his perfect world, you would be denied access to technology based on your values?

Scott Duncan is a self proclaimed Atheist, and while typically this could hold little relevance as far as being free, Scott Duncan is worse than any religions fanatic in history. He says: “Many of you are “offended” by what I say, especially piece-of-shit Christians (see what I did there?). When they cry about how offended they are, they seem to think that this “offence” give them some higher “victim” status. Here in reality the declaration, “I’m offended!” is simply whining. Now let’s shift over to a different JURISDICTION. If you are on an AQUILAE vessel, and I’m “offended”, that could be fatal. It’s a different JURISDICTION, and as of this writing I am the highest authority in that jurisdiction. This means if I’m offended, you’re likely going overboard. You already consented to those rules when you found yourself on board one of my vessels. If you’re dragged onto one of my vessels against your will, you’re definitely going to die anyway, and if you’re given any hope of survival it’s very likely someone’s just fucking with you. 😉

“AQUILAE” refers to Scott Duncan’s self-declared jurisdiction. Apparently he uses maritime admiralty law in his jurisdiction, and seems to not only love making veiled death threats but he actually takes them to a new level by saying “if you’re given any hope of survival it’s very likely someone’s just fucking with you.” WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?

Back to my point about Scott Duncan being an “Atheist” and how it relates to being free; it is hard for people that do not believe in a higher power to grasp the concept that our rights are not given to us by government, they are “inherent” or “God given” and “unalienable” by any “jurisdiction” (jurisdiction is just another word for “control” by the way, and you must consent to a jurisdiction or it has no force or effect over you).

Having a higher power does not mean that you have to turn your life over to an agent of a 501 C 3 corporation. Knowing that there is a “higher power” is the only way to truly be able to grasp the concept of jurisdiction. I “reside” in God’s jurisdiction, and my duty is his will.I am not telling you who God is by the way, God can be anything you want it to be… some believe that God manifests in the form of a plant, who would I be to call them wrong or to attack them because of their belief or opinion? Problems start to arise when your god becomes money and/or government, and I am sure that I don’t have to tell you why. The fact that many do worship money and government is proof that you have free agency to choose who you serve this day.

Scott Duncan does not believe in an inherent right to mobility. He even goes so far as to say that Robert Menard and Dean Clifford are liars. He boldly states: “When Robert Menard and Dean Clifford make this CLAIM [of a right to mobility] they are simply lying through ommission; because if you are one of the invaders, which you are if you’re not native, you benefit from ongoing commercial warfare.” <- What does that even mean? That we must be forced to accept the “benefits” of being invaded? What if you are not at war? What if you declare yourself to be a peaceful inhabitant? A good gladiator will be invited back every week until they are killed. We have been fighting long enough. It is time to try peace for a change.

I literally laughed out loud when I read where he wrote that even if you use a “horse and buggy” you are required to have a bare minimum of a million dollars of liability insurance. You might be wondering what his source in law is for this outlandish claim? Well, because he once owned a horse and buggy! He says: “Even a horse and buggy needs a bare minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance. I know this because I was once the owner of a horse, and a buggy.”

Now it gets good!

Scott Duncan loves war, and wants to fight. He states: “Since 1982 I have run a private navy. The trust that holds that navy, also has its own currency. In 2010, the AQUILAE cryptic currency was commissioned, and the need for FIAT currency disappeared, except as regards insurance.”

The problem with insurance is that it is impossible to pay someone to accept your liability (especially when you pay a LIMITED LIABILITY company to indemnify your actions). Who is responsible for your actions? GEICO? Come on… YOU are responsible for your actions! What amount of money can bring someone back to life? Not to mention that it is WRONG to make someone pay for something that is only speculative, and has not even happened yet. A savings account would suffice for this purpose if you really needed an emergency fund, plus you wouldn’t have to fight to get a claim settled or pay a premium every month if you didn’t want to. How responsible would you really be behind the wheel if you knew that you were 100% liable for any damage to others or their property?

Then Scott Duncan goes on to say: “I will do absolutely nothing in commerce, especially for government, in exchange for FIAT currency.”

But then in pretty much the next paragraph he says: “They can pay me in LEGAL TENDER, but that’s a quarter of a billion dollars; and if I’m given a quarter of a billion dollars worth of economic power over night, 100% of that worthless currency will be used to collapse the banking system and start a war. Let that serve as a warning to anyone who happens to be seriously considering giving us large amounts of money.”

So, maybe it is a good thing that he doesn’t have any wealth or value, because he even implies that if he did, he would use it to start a “war”.

Back to his own private currency (think postage stamps… sure you can trade dollars for stamps, but then you have to use the stamps on only products and services that the post office provides), what doesn’t make sense to me is that he claims that anyone who does “not charge money, ever” will gladly accept compensation for his time: “I will work like a slave for any contract that pays me in AQUILAE currency. AQUILAE currency is valuable money, and the TENDER FOR LAW attached to it, is whatever I say it is.” The “TENDER FOR LAW” according to Scott Duncan means that when you spend a dollar bill, you are actually “tendering” an agreement to be bound by law. So how does Scott Duncan justify his stance on this issue? Well, of course he has a superior source in law for that, his source: “Why? Because “fuck off that’s why”…it’s MY currency! If you don’t like it, go shop somewhere else. Besides, the FREE-DUMBERS say I’m mean.”

But his REAL game plan is to get everyone he can to sign on as surety to his AQUILAE jurisdiction, in essence making him the master of everyone who joins his “club”. He explains this concept here in his own words: “Over the next few weeks I will be introducing the component parts of the “MEGA-PERSON”. This LEGAL monster will be yours to control. It’s intent is hostile, and its purpose is to destroy millions of dollars in minutes (if it has to). This will implement governmental change. A MEGA-PERSON will have the economic power to destroy currency, because I intend to port government and law into the realm of computer science, just as currency already has. A “dress rehersal” is playing out today. Two competing currencies – one is debt and joinder, sold as “value”, the other is value with no debt attached, and temporarily no TENDER FOR LAW either. Etherium is going to change that. Etherium is THE TENDER FOR LAW attached to a cryptographic currency; and you have an unambiguous way to write the law. It then becomes evolution through natural selection. If you write “bad law” you have “bad currency”, and the market will automatically reflect that.”

So according to him, regardless of what the words LEGAL TENDER mean currently, by the time he’s done with his “end game” essentially if LEGAL TENDER does not mean what he thinks it means, it WILL by the time he’s done. He wants to use currency to control people. Which is NO DIFFERENT than the TYRANTS we have in charge today.

He promises: “If the government can make slave PERSONS, so can you.”

This dude is clinically insane, and needs a padded cell: “I’m building an Empire of Math, and I don’t care if you CONSENT, because reality doesn’t care either. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Those are your RIGHTS under Open Source Government until it’s deployed. The law will quite literally be written by the people. The Common Law will be integrated as much as possible, but more importantly the first wave will only exist to make it easy for the second wave. Just like in THE TENDER FOR LAW, only on a global scale.”

Scott Duncan promises to start a war: “Two years ago, when I said I intend to teach people to make their own BANKS and CURRENCY, I was of course, labeled “crazy”… Until I taught you to make your own banks and currency. I’m STILL called “crazy” when i say I’m going to collapse the banking system and start a war… but not as much as I was 2 years ago; There is now a growing camp of those who think I might just do that. 😉

This guy IS crazy, and not only is he as nutty as an elephants turd he is DANGEROUS! Please be careful, there are people out there who do not have honorable intentions. And just as any other provocateur or infiltrator, they will have some good info. The trick is to sucker you in with your own greed and just like any other con artist take you for everything they can. The problem is that this Scott Duncan guy doesn’t want your money… he wants your soul. Who else do we know that harvests souls?

I am sure that Scott will try and say that I am violating his licensing agreement of ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Unfortunately his info is in the public domain which makes it eligible for Fair Use exemption, which is BADLY needed to expose this fraud before he hurts anyone.

May 2017 UPDATE: Scott is still at it. Who knows how many fake accounts he has. He obviously has way too much time on his hands. Below is one of his fake facebook pages –