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Welcome to the Freedom from Government’s channel 200th video! Today I have a special treat for you, I am going to cruise the Las Vegas strip with PRIVATE tags, NO LICENSE, REGISTRATION, or INSURANCE! If you want to learn more about WHY (for example) these government documents are not only a pain and expensive to obtain and maintain, but learn how you actually give up your property when you register it and put “state plates” on it by visiting http://freedomfromgovernment.org . Stop being a voluntary victim!

Also see http://commonlawschool.org to learn how to handle traffic stops and court (plus MUCH MORE). And seehttp://shop.freedomfromgovernment.org for the private tags, “I’m NOT TALKING” stickers, and “EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS” cards, along with many other items like dash-cams, spycams, books, and more!

Thank you for watching and thank you for helping me get past 15 million views! Be sure to like and subscribe so that you stay with me for the next 200 videos!

A comment I received on my Facebook page.
A comment I received on my Facebook page.
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