⭐ALERT! Supreme & Lower Courts Rule “No License Necessary to Drive on Public Highways”

I’m NOT a lawyer and nothing in this video is to be taken as legal advice. This is simply a reading of a lower court and Supreme Court cases regarding licensing those who choose to travel on the highways with their personal property.

Sources: Obama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6imFv…

People v Horton: https://law.justia.com/cases/californ…

Supreme Court Cases: https://www.geniemusic.com/?w=1624

More cases: https://central-bailbonds.com/u-s-sup…

One thought on “⭐ALERT! Supreme & Lower Courts Rule “No License Necessary to Drive on Public Highways””

  1. About 3 years ago, I purchased a license plate from you which says “Private Automobile, Not for Hire, Traveler, UCC $ 9-109 (1).” I no longer see that offered, and in the 3 years since then I’ve read that the UCC, just by itself, isn’t binding on ANYBODY, but, supposedly, all 50 states have codified it, usually with a similar number (in my state, Nevada, it’s NRS 104.9109). Do you agree with that, and is that why you have discontinued it? Btw, I got a ticket for expired insurance, in August 2019, I returned it within 3 days and sent notary witnessed challenges of jurisdiction via certified mail, all ignored. Warrant for Failure to Appear’ was issued 8/1/19, I got your license 12/26/19 after getting a copy of the warrant with GREAT difficulty (my wife had a warrant from 8/1/17, we never DID manage to get a copy of that one). It had no signature, no court seal, no affidavit in support of probable cause, and I later read that if a warrant isn’t executed in 60 days, it becomes stale. We both appeared on a weekly warrant list, and, I got stopped in October and November of 2021 because of the plates. However, in the interval, I published a ” Fees Schedule ” in the Nevada Legal News for 3 weeks, got an affidavit of publication, and sent a copoy to all the surrounding police departments, plus the Nevada Highway Patrol. I gave the cops a “notice to law enforcement” on both stops, and, although I sat around almost an hour both times and got more tickets (that I’m not paying), they didn’t arrest me and let me drive away the 2nd time. The first time the cop insisted that I leave the car (legally) parked) and I went back and got it as soon as she drove away. I again returned the tickets with 3 days, and the cops actually tried to send them BACK to me, but, anyway, the Las Vegas Police Chief (who got my Fee Schedule like the other 4 cities) won the election for Nevada Governor, and as of today or tomorrow, leaves the LVMPD and becomes Governor. I finally sent a Notary Presentment to him, the 2 cops, LVMPD, and the state of Nevada on 12/9/19 for myself and my wife. I don’t particularly like my chances of getting a notary judgment enforced in federal court, so, I’m hoping to sell it for pennies on the dollar to a foreign debt collector. I showed an “Affidavit of Status” both traffic stops, btw, but am about to send my passport (which expires in late March) in for the state national version. Do you recommend ditching the UCC plates? I believe I still have one like you now show somewhere in the garage, but replaced it because I thought the UCC was superior, lol

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